Operations Management Solutions
We manage operations for foreign companies developing their Sales and Distribution channels in China.
Business Transformation and Recovery
Our specialty is operational improvements and turnarounds of underachieving Chinese subsidiaries.
Industrial Project Management & Manufacturing
We provide a manufacturing platform and industrial project management for companies setting up production in China.
Investments & Equity Partnerships
We invest with foreign service companies to help you seize a significant market share in China.
  • China Bootcamp

    Introducing China Boot Camp - an intensive program designed to prepare start-up managers & entrepreneurs for Chinese market penetration. Shanghai November 28- December 2, 2016.

    10 pre-selected start-ups will benefit from 5 days of intensive training, in-depth presentations, networking with experienced entrepreneurs and visits to leading companies.

    More information and application form here

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    PTL Group supports foreign companies to set up and develop their sales and manufacturing operations in China. Download our latest presentations, white papers and marketing materials. Contact us for a FREE advice about gaining market share in the Chinese market.

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    PTL Group provides management resources and operational infrastructure to foreign companies in China. Providing the Management-in-Trust business model, PTL Group manages companies in different stages of China market entry.

    Since 2000, PTL Group has supported over 200 China market entry projects. We provide solutions to SMEs looking to develop and optimise their Sales, Distribution and Manufacturing operations in China.

    We also provide expert and in-depth solutions for foreign businesses already operating in China that are now seeking to expand their activities in the market, or solve the managerial problems of their Chinese subsidiaries.

  • Solutions



    Companies with no entity in China can successfully:
    - Recruit, employ, and host employees in our shared office
    - Establish independent Sales and Distribution channels
    - Import, store, sell, invoice, & distribute products to local clients
    - Set up and manage Assembly and Production operations
    - Apply for funding and/or local government investment in China

    Companies with entity in China market can use us to:
    - Manage the financial and HR aspects of WFOE’s and REP offices
    - Manage the logistics and supply chain in China
    - Perform operational audits to identify management risks
    - Perform fast intervention and transformation processes
    - Perform full Multidisciplinary Turnaround projects to help companies in distress

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