Our Vision

To be the leading provider of operational management support solutions during the market penetration and growth stages in China. To pioneer innovation in, and creative development of, valuable services for companies that operate here. We maintain a holistic approach and offer transparent, cost effective business models and vital support to international firms.

Our Values

Our culture is one of being exceptional. Six factors drive our corporate philosophy and, ultimately, our success. These values influence everything we do; shape who our company is and affect how our customers, employees, partners and the general public view us.

  • Excellence. We deliver our goals professionally, efficiently and by leveraging our experience. We do not chase the pack – we lead it.
  • Performance. We pride ourselves on producing quality, value-added solutions. For us, personal and professional development is the ultimate goal. Superior planning, experience and on-site presence are PTL trademarks.
  • Commitment. The Group’s success and that of our clients is one in the same. We are active listeners and instant responders. We act fast and first so we can build relationships based on trust, respect and mutual understanding.
  • Integrity and Respect. From the top down, PTL employees act responsibly, honestly and fairly. People are our greatest asset.
  • Pro-activity. We deliver innovative, efficient solutions by anticipating problems and providing the best solutions to your success.
  • Optimism. We believe in our ability to make things better, regardless of the circumstances. This is the only mindset that guarantees success in China.






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