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The Industrial Incubation Initiative leaped in the summer

Posted by PTL Group
PTL Group
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on Tuesday, 16 September 2014
in Business in China

 On August 5, 2014, the Consul General of Israel in Shanghai, Mr. Arnon Perlman, paid a visit to “Changzhou Industrial Incubation Initiative” (CI3) in Changzhou. Mr. Perlman was given a tour of the premises including company visits to Tuttnauer ( from Israel, and Lytron ( from the USA; both medical device companies operating in CI3 and producing for the Chinese market. On that same visit, Mr. Perlman together with Mr. Zvi Shalgo met with Changzhou mayor Mr. Fang Guoqiang and Foreign Affairs Office of Changzhou Municipal People’s Government Director Mr. Du Jibin.

Dutch Trade Delegation's visit to Changzhou and Jintan Economic Development Zones, a great Success!

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on Tuesday, 13 November 2012
in Business in China

The branch associations FME-CMW and GMV China, organized a Dutch Trade Mission to Shanghai and Beijing, China from the 4th to 9th of November. The Mission was aimed at operations and export managers from companies that want to make the step in search of setting-up production and sales in China. The delegation consisted of companies that focus on two of nine key business sectors; Agro-food and High-Tech Manufacturing, sectors in which the Dutch government had implemented international economic policies over the past few years.

During their visit to Changzhou, the participants visited the Changzhou Industrial Incubation Initiative (CI3). This is a 13,000 square meter area that consists of manufacturing and office space, in the Wujin Economic Zone (WEZ), Jiangsu province. There, companies are able to create a cost-effective establishment that includes the development of their own production and sales facilities in China. 

In the morning, Zvi Shalgo (CEO, PTL Group) gave a presentation about the opportunities for Dutch SMEs in the Chinese market, and the challenges in managing production and distribution channels in China. Afterwards, the participants went for a guided tour within the CI3 compound.

For lunch there was a meeting hosted in the presence of Yao Xiaodong, Mayor of Changzhou (a city with approximately 4.6 million citizens), and the visit to Jintan was officially opened. To create a better understanding of the companies that are operational in the Jintan area, the delegation then visited several companies operating in various industries. After the company visits, presentations were given by Roeland Schuurman, Representative Officer of the Netherlands Business Support Office in Nanjing (NBSO), Zvi Shalgo and Ding Rongyu, Mayor of Jintan.

The day ended with a diner hosted by the government of Jintan, in the presence of all the Jintan government officials. The NBSO in Nanjing, representative of the province of North-Brabant of The Netherlands, and the vice-consul of the Consulate of the Netherlands in Shanghai were also present at this official event. 

Overall, this was a mutually beneficial event and a big success for Dutch companies willing to learn about doing business in Jintan area and China, and to be able to establish high-level connections with the local government. It also strengthened the healthy economic relationship between China and the Netherlands. PTL Group would therefore like to thank the Jintan Government and all other partnerships involved for their efforts making this day a success.  

Bezoek Nederlandse delegatie aan Incubation Initiative CI3 in Changzhou en Jintan Economic Development Zone met PTL Group een succes!

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on Monday, 12 November 2012
in Next Step China

De branchevereniging FME-CWM organiseerde samen met GMV China een missie naar Shanghai en Beijing (China) van 4 tot en met 9 november 2012. De missie, gericht op twee Nederlandse top-sectoren Agro-food en High-Tech Manufacturing en is bedoeld voor operations- en exportmanagers van ondernemingen die graag de stap willen zetten richting in de zoektocht naar productie en afzetkanalen in China. PTL Group heeft bij deze handelsmissie een belangrijke rol gespeeld door een dag naar Changzhou (Jiangsu provincie) the verzorgen.

Bij het bezoek aan Changzhou hebben de deelnemers aan de missie een bezoek gebracht aan Changzhou Industrial Incubation Initiative (CI3). Dit is een 13.000 m² oppervlakte aan werkplaats en kantoorruimte gelegen in Wujin Economic Zone (WEZ), Jiangsu provincie. Bedrijven kunnen daar snel en op een kosteneffectieve manier een basis leggen voor de oprichting van eigen productie activiteiten in China.

In de ochtend heeft dhr. Zvi Shalgo (CEO PTL Group) een presentatie gegeven over de mogelijkheden voor Nederlandse MKB’ers op de Chinese markt en de uitdagingen in het managen van productie- en distributie kanalen in China. Vervolgens hebben de deelnemers een introductie gekregen over het CI3 incubatie programma en een rondleiding gemaakt in de fabriekshal.

Voor de lunch werd een meeting georganiseerd waar de burgemeester van Changzhou (een stad van 4.6 miljoen mensen) aanwezig was en werd het bezoek aan Jintan officieel geopend. Om een beter inzicht te krijgen van de regio en haar industrieën, heeft de delegatie samen met de overheid van Jintan na de lunch diverse internationaal opererende bedrijven bezocht en contacten uitgewisseld. Vervolgens werd de middag afgesloten met presentaties door dhr. Roeland Schuurman (Representative Officer van het NBSO te Nanjing), dhr. Svi Shalgo en de burgermeester van Jintan.  

De dag werd afgesloten met een diner gehost door de overheid van Jintan in aanwezigheid van haar burgemeester. Het NSBO Nanjing, de provincie Noord-Brabant en het Nederlandse Consulaat-Generaal te Shanghai zijn tevens aanwezig geweest tijdens deze officiële aangelegenheid.

Al met al was het een ontzettend vruchtbare wederzijdse aangelegenheid en een groot succes voor Nederlandse ondernemingen, om op hoog niveau contact te leggen met de lokale Chinese overheid. Tevens bevorderd het de goede handelsrelaties tussen China en Nederland en was het een goed initiatief van PTL Group, welke dè strategische partner is voor MKB’ers bij het opzetten en ontwikkelen van verkoopactiviteiten in China.

Launch of Changzhou Industrial Incubation Initiative

Posted by Elena Luk'yanenko
Elena Luk'yanenko
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on Wednesday, 10 August 2011
in Business in China

TEL AVIV, JULY 18 - PTL Group, headed by Zvi Shalgo, launched a new Israeli initiative in China: an industrial Incubator in Changzhou. The incubator is meant to allow Israeli and foreign companies to open manufacturing operations, and simultaneously reduce their risks of investment and market entry into China which are renowned for being complex.

The project, named China Industrial Incubator Initiative or CI³, is a partnership between two Israeli-owned companies - PTL Group and Elan Industries. Both operate in the fields of operational management and assist in developing companies and industrial enterprises in China. The plant will soon be launched by the LycoRed- Makhteshim Agan partnership.

The CI³ industrial incubator has been designed for medium-sized companies with international activities, which seek to penetrate the Chinese market. These companies have realised the urgent need for opening production sites in the largest market in the world, in terms of global growth rate.

Zvi Shalgo, CEO of PTL Group and Chairman of the Israeli Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai remarked, "Once, you could make do with marketing and sales activities in China. Today however, the trend has reversed due to changes in the Chinese economy. Now companies exporting to China encounter increasing competition from anonymous Chinese companies, which are cost effective in the global market. The Chinese government encourages high quality domestic production at a very competitive price."

Foreign companies now require local manufacturing to maintain their competitive edge, but many Israeli companies shy away from investment in manufacturing in China because of uncertainty regarding the success of sales. The new venture paves the way for rapid production and a reduced time-to-market. This means an increase in production is simpler where and when sales justify it. Investors can thereby reduce the risks of a failing investment.

He added, "Entry into the Chinese market is not simple and easy by nature. The Incubator is designed to provide conditions that will allow companies to develop industrial activities alongside logistics until their progress in the market is such that they can go out and set up a plant independently."

The Incubator complex consists of 13,000 square meters occupied by Israeli and international companies seeking to start activities in China. It is located in Changzhou, located 45 minutes away from Shanghai. Changzhou is considered one of the most attractive cities for foreign companies, in large part due to the government, which encourages foreign investment and is characterized by an open, innovative approach. The site was established with the support of the local administration of Changzhou, which has sponsored the project and sees it as a unique model in promoting foreign companies.