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PTL Group wins again at ATTA award: The award for “Transformation of 2012”

Posted by Lily Li
Lily Li
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on Friday, 30 November 2012
in Business in China

The ATTA Award ceremony was held in Hong Kong, on Friday, November 23rd, and PTL Group was invited to submit a case study for consideration. We are happy to announce that we were awarded with a prize for the second year running:
Transformation of 2012 - PTL Group Ltd for the business change and transformation of a foreign owned China joint venture.”

PTL Group took a unique approach in our presentation to the award committee, by presenting a number of transformation cases in order to change the perception of how to obtain turnaround projects. Rather than looking for companies with severe issues that need Turnaround, members should be offering preventative methods, by identifying issues for most companies before they reach the dire stages, and then offering steady transformation processes to improve their operations.

We aimed to highlight a number of selected projects within the last year that came out of performing soft audits, and show that this methodology could be very beneficial for all in the association. China is more about transformation rather than turnaround. Transformation is needed constantly – if companies stop transforming there's a chance they'll collapse. When we identify problems at an early stage, we encourage  the managers to adopt or create change in the company.

Posted by Zvi Shalgo
Zvi Shalgo
Zvi Shalgo is the CEO and owner of PTL Group. He is also a Chairman of the Israeli Chamber of Commerce in Shan...
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on Monday, 23 April 2012
in Business in China

While China is on an accelerated path to become a consumer oriented market international companies face ever growing managerial challenges trying to keep up. Over two decades of attracting massive foreign investment and the creation of fast technology transfer mechanisms made China the world’s main manufacturing base. 2011 and the new 12th five year plan shifted the focus of the Chinese policy makers to the strengthening of China’s dynamic new homegrown companies both home and abroad. Domestic Private Enterprises (DPE) as they are called here contributed over 60% of the Chinese GDP in 2010. This is in striking contrast to 38% they contributed back in 2005. Adding to this the fact that the Chinese GDP is expected to quadruple itself (2007-2025) helps to draw a general perspective of the business threats and challenges facing Western companies in China as well as in home markets in the next few years.

The financial crisis since 2008 from one side, and the fast growing Chinese consumer market as well as the abundant wealth available for investment in China today, amplify even more the growing need to penetrate and operate in Chinese markets.

Turnaround & Transformation Triggers

China is well known for being a challenging management environment for foreign companies. There are many cultural and structural market reasons that create those unique difficulties. As the new year of the dragon begins it will be interesting to focus on two recent trends affecting manufacturing small and medium sized enterprises (SME). These are both good reasons for many European based companies to reconsider their approach towards opening a new operation in China; globalisation of supply chains and the increased threat of competition by Chinese DPE in China and within a few short years in Europe’s own backyard.

PTL Group wins ATTA Turnaround of 2011 Award

Posted by Elena Luk'yanenko
Elena Luk'yanenko
Elena has more than five years of experience in international marketing providing services for the foreign com...
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on Sunday, 30 October 2011
in Business in China

October 22, 2011 - Zvi Shalgo, CEO of PTL Group was presented with the ATTA Turnaround of 2011 award at the 2nd annual ATTA conference which was held in Hong Kong on October 21-22, 2011.

The annual conference included several panels discussing the expected business environment in Asia for turnaround and transformation in 2012. A lively Q&A followed with a sense that Asia could see accelerated business and financial distress in the next two years, which would lead to enhanced opportunities for ATTA memebers.

The highlight of the event was the first ATTA Awards ceremony with a key note speech by noted turnaround expert Jean Luc Perbos.

Jean Luc Perbos presents Zvi Shalgo, CEO, PTL Group with the first ATTA award for a mid size turnaround in China

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