PTL Group’s financial team supports international CFOs by externally managing their China activities to efficiently maintain control over them. We implement the company’s policies locally in a transparent manner, directly reporting to the CFO in the Head Office, which results in a stronger, more efficient planning and execution in China.

We are renowned for empowering businesses by adding our significant expertise regarding local financial regulations.

Our principle services are:

Accounts Receivables Collection & Credit Management

We have controlled the credit of hundreds of local clients who buy goods in local currency, on open credit terms. We are fluent in Chinese commercial practices. 

Credibility Checks

We run reference checks on potential customers or partners. This is where we verify as much information as we can, before the deal is finalized.

Facilitating Local Currency Sales Contracts (RMB Invoicing)

We expedite the agreeing of contracts between foreign clients and local customers.

Financial Management, Budget Planning and Control

We are your in-house Financial Director, Financial Controller or Accountant. Every step we take is trackable, for total transparency. We also do periodical reports, reviews of business deals and negotiations for all of our clients. Do you need someone to control budgets administered by local staff? Collect payments? Plan the cashflow and internal pricing related to your local activities? Cover operational expenses and transfer the funds back to you? Get in touch with us and find out how we can help! We’ll do our best to comply with your corporate reporting timetable and ERP requirements.

Preparation of Management Information

Preparing all management information required, ensuring it is available on-line and/or in hard copy format. PTL Group’s financial team has the experience to set up full ERP infrastructures based on your company’s needs. We analyse the information and highlight the key issues for you. We take over cash-flow forecasting for our clients as well.

Tax Planning and Compliance

PTL Group’s financial team represents its clients and supports them when dealing with local tax audits and relevant government relations.

Special Projects

Tell us exactly what you need and we’ll devise a solution to help. Our recent projects include:

  • Upgrading management information systems 
  • Assisting with an acquisition 
  • Reviewing the cost-effectiveness of a local company
  • Handling tax negotiations when closing companies or reducing tax fines

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