PTL Group specialises in turnarounds and operational improvements of distressed Chinese subsidiaries of international companies. These projects are commissioned by the clients' Head Office to assess and/or restructure their subsidiary in China.

The accessibility of our active in-house managers (anytime, for any project) and their expertise in Human Resources, Financial, Logistics, Operations, and General Management in the local Chinese business environment are the key factors of our successful turnaround process.

During operational turnaround, we tackle four key areas:

General Management
 Government Relations
 Business Strategy
 Organisational Structure Design
 Sales Force Management
 Customer Relationship
 Procedures Setup & Management

  Operations Management
 IT & Management Systems
 Inventory Planning
 Logistics Flows & Management
 Suppliers Analysis
 Key Account Management

Human Resources
 Salary Adaptation / Retention
 Recruiting / Termination 
 Coaching / Mentoring Senior Management
 Communication Strategy


Financial Management
Cash Flow Analysis & Monitoring
Vendor Management
Cost Reduction
Pricing Structure & Approach
Account Receivables & Payables Collection
Tax Optimisation

Once PTL Group has restructured and reorganised the distressed entity, the team phases out and hands back the management of each department to the relevant managers. We train and supervise the work processes until the managers are fully confident of taking full control of the business. PTL Group is further available to coach, train or mentor based on the client’s needs.

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