Language barriers, fast changing regulations, a unique business culture and a convoluted tax regime – those factors make doing business in China challenging. If you have just founded your Chinese subsidiary (WFOE, FICE, Rep Office or JV) and still have to build your operations or if you have already been struggling with your operations in China for some time – outsource them to PTL Group, so you can concentrate on your core business.

PTL Group has been founded in China in 2000 and has already successfully worked with over 200 clients. We are a cost-efficient platform with an experienced team. Reduce your risk and cut your time-to-market by using our full scope of expertise.

We have the resources to support operations in the following disciplines:

  • Recruitment & HR – We identify the best suited talent to manage your business in China; evaluate, monitor and manage employee contracts; execute payroll administration and design hiring procedures to reduce risks to the entity. Read more>> 
  • Accounting and Finance – Our financial services include commercial control, planning and government liaison support. PTL Group can also take over your internal accounting, bookkeeping, payments, reimbursement control, periodical audit filing, tax rate negotiations, tax refunds, budget planning and cash flow control, stamp control, invoice collection and credit management. Read more>> 
  • Marketing – Let us design your communications; translate your marketing materials; revise your website; run your promotional campaigns; set up exhibitions for you and organize your seminars. Read more>> 
  • Logistics & Warehousing – We have exceptional know-how in stock management, ERP system management, import/export, customs clearance, delivery to clients, spare parts and service management. Read more>>
  • Assembly & Manufacturing – From single assembly operations to large-scale factories – no assignment is too small or too big. PTL Group's unique industrial incubator CI3 offers SME’s a quick, cost-effective and secure way of establishing their manufacturing capabilities in China. Read more>>

How the outsourcing process starts with PTL:

  • Operational Auditing – We assess the state of your Chinese subsidiary to evaluate its operational health and, where necessary, we offer transformation or turnaround management solutions. Read more>>

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