PTL Group offers a quick and cost-effective way to start manufacturing operations in China, through our Industrial Incubation Initiatives. Located in one of the major manufacturing provinces in China, our Industrial Incubators provide customised production and assembly facilities, managed by PTL Group and supported by comprehensive business services and networks.

The Industrial Incubators will:

  • Register, manage, host and control the client’s manufacturing entity in China
  • Establish and operate the client’s production or assembly line
  • Set-up QC and manufacturing licenses and approval certifications in China
  • Recruit, train and control the client’s key staff 
  • Provide professional back office support
  • Support engineering functions and product localization projects

Leveraging from our significant experience and resources, SMEs in the Industrial Incubators benefit from; reduced costs, access to high-end equipment, PTL Group’s management resources, and operational flexibility regarding timeframe, all of which minimize client’s risks and allow for the shift toward independent manufacturing.

Our Management Support Services include:

  • Local government relations
  • Certification process management (ISO, SFDA)
  • Site preparation and management
  • Recruiting, training and managing all staff
  • ERP set-up and maintenance
  • Financial management
  • Logistics management

For more information about setting up manufacturing operations in China contact us.

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