We prepare your company for successfully selling and distributing its products in China. Even with no presence in this rapidly growing market, you enjoy full performance of a well established subsidiary, plus expert managerial support, a much smaller investment and better risk control mechanisms – PTL is your China entity.

Our approach: 

Step 1: Hire the Right Sales and Technical Staff

Our HR experts help you identify and recruit high-level local Sales and Technical personnel to work in China’s major cities. With solid management by PTL Group you can simultaneously reduce risk and focus your resources on business development activities.

Step 2: Manage Local Infrastructure and Operations

Our job is to develop your China sales and distribution channels. We own logistics centers and warehouses in several locations which facilitate operations and thus reduce costs. Additionally, our in-house Logistics and Finance departments provide the flexibility and know-how needed during the penetration stages of your exploration of the China market.

We also handle all the licensing required for importing, storing or transporting of goods. And if you need to apply for VAT refunds, tax optimization and manage other finance or compliance issues? We do that too!

Step 3: Manage Your Brand

PTL Group’s marketing department works with local Sales staff and your Head Office. We not only help you defining a marketing plan to increase your Sales in China – we also put it into action! Each Chinese marketing plan is customized to meet the specifically defined consumer target group to maximize the return of your China operations.

The PTL benefits:

  • Immediate start: Get straight on the market with a ready-made infrastructure that lets you manage your sales staff in China from Day 1.
  • Gradual investment: Our model gives you the power to invest at your own pace.
  • Shortened time-to-market: Cut lead times by holding stock and spare parts in China and increase your competitive edge.
  • Control and reduce risk: You can concentrate on your core business while PTL concentrates on your supporting operations – PTL’s core business. Working with a partner with over 14 years of experience in China operations who shares part of your liabilities, reduces the risk of your China venture by a large degree. 
  • Balanced decision-making: Success in China is dependent on confident decision making. Our back office managers will execute your policies, reporting and sharing their local experience with your company’s overseas managers.
  • Full transparency and accountability: The Chinese market environment is quite flexible and complex. Providing full transparency about operations and acting in compliance with regulations is of highest importance to PTL Group.

Contact us today to find out the best option for your sales and manufacturing operations in China.

Our Operations Service Packages:

  • HR & Recruiting: We are recruiting and employing local and international employees for you. Thus, we are carrying the associated risks and reduce the liabilities of your China venture. Read more>>
  • Logistics & Warehousing: We execute importing and exporting operations and facilitate logistics in China with PTL’s own warehouses and logistics centers. Read more>>
  • Accounting & Finance: Our services include RMB invoicing, VAT refund facilitation, credit management, controlling, Tax planning and many more. Read more>>
  • Marketing & PR: We are developing your China marketing plan and execute Chinese marketing initiatives. Read more>>

We create solutions for small and medium companies (SMEs) with limited resources. If you have questions about setting up in China, our experience and know-how are all the support you need to do so successfully. Even with no presence in China, you enjoy full capabilities of a well established subsidiary, plus expert managerial support, a much smaller investment and better risk control mechanisms.

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