Logistics & Supply Chain Management in China

PTL Group specialises in the management of challenging logistics projects in China, operating our own warehouses, logistics centres and assembly lines in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Changzhou.

Many of the companies we service may not have an entity in China but already need to import, store or sell their products in local currency. We can support the first steps of our client selling their products into China.

PTL Group provides the management of distribution in China, facilitating and following up our clients’ distribution channels.

  • We manage the importation process of our client’s goods/spare-parts in a cost-effective manner
  • We manage the storage and inventory control of the goods in our warehouses using ERP & WMS
  • We manage the purchase and sales orders
  • We sign the sales contract and distribute the goods to the end user
  • We collect the RMB payment for the sales contract
  • We Invoice locally
  • We repatriate USD or Euros to HQ
  • We manage the import/export of VAT refunds
  • We manage the purchasing processes from local suppliers on behalf of our clients


We are not solely an import/export company, nor a shipping agent, we are a 4th Party Logistics (4PL) company and reseller. We facilitate and follow-up the distribution channels in China, and we do it as a service provider.

As China’s second tier cities move to the foreground of the countries economic success story, we help you develop vibrant channels in these areas.

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