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Industry – Service

Services – Hotel


Services provided by PTL Group

      • Chinese Social Media Marketing

      • Online Marketing



We were skeptical when first in touch with PTL Group, since we didn’t have too much experience within the Chinese social media territory and we were not sure whether PTL could meet our expectation.

However, after only four months cooperating with them, we have achieved from zero presence on the Chinese social media channels to hundreds of followers both on Weibo and WeChat.

PTL’s approach to social media is more strategic and can work as sparring-partner in terms of campaign development and event promotions. Moreover, PTL’s marketing team is very flexible when it comes to change of workflow or on simultaneous projects.

I am very happy with their work and their professionalism and would highly recommend them to any international businesses that would enjoy a stable and professional support for their Chinese social media marketing.

Roy Kriezman

Manager of China & Far East Markets, Dan Hotels

SIT (Shanghai) - Operational Audit and Restructuring


Industry - Industrial Machinery & Equipment

Products - Power Transmissions


Services provided by PTL Group

  • Operational and Financial auditing

  • Financial restructuring

  • Financial Management 



"The insight of PTL Group in organizational issues, especially in a Chinese environment for the local branch of a European group, greatly helped us in getting a better understanding of the pros and cons of different alternatives. Our opinion did diverge on certain aspects, but the dialectic process was extremely useful.

We needed, and found, an independent source of insight that would take the owners’ view, cutting across any internal alliances or conflicts within the organization of the local Company. We especially appreciated the quick answers to our questions for further detail and explanation about the Company’s numbers that the PTL Group team was always able to provide regardless of day and time zone".


Camillo Lanza

Deputy General Manager, SIT S.p.A.


AVT McCormick – Financial audit and Liquidation


Industry - Food industry

Products – Spice ingredients


Services provided by PTL Group

  • Financial Audit

  • Financial Management 

  • Liquidation managment


  “I would recommend PTL group for their efficient, effective and diligent approach in completing the task entrusted, within the timeline.
They are also very economical in keeping the cost parameters well within the budget”.

Rajagopalan Krishnan

CEO, AVT China


Helen Doron – Online Marketing


Industry - Education

Services – Early English Courses


Services provided by PTL Group

  • Online Marketing

  • Website Management

  • Chinese Social Media Marketing

  • Employment & Shared Office Services



  "PTL Group was hired by Helen Doron Group in the aim of setting up a local support team for our franchisees in China. Since the very beginning, we benefited from PTL Group’s experience.

The PTL Group team assisted us by overcoming barriers concerning the complexity of conducting business activities in China. In addition, they also assisted us with marketing related activities like setting up our local Youku Channel, Weixin account, localizing and adding content to our website and social media channels, and more.

One of the things that impressed us most was PTL Group’s ability to provide us specific solutions that fit our unique business model. Arie and the team are always there for questions, suggestions and interesting solutions".

Nadav Weissler

Business Development, Asia Account Manager at Helen Doron


Arkal Filtration Systems – Managing Sales and Production Operations


Industry - Water treatment and filtration

Products – Disc and sand water filters


Services provided by PTL Group 

  • Set up and manage Assembly production line

  • Employment and hosting of sales and technical team in Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou

  • Manage local purchase and local sales

  • RMB invoicing and local sales contract management


 "I had the privilege of working with PTL from 2002 through 2010 in my position as Sr. Vice President of Arkal Filtration Systems. I was responsible for our sales and marketing strategy for penetration into the Chinese market. PTL provided us with the logistical support, including accounting and human resource support, which was instrumental in the success of our strategy for breaking into the Chinese market.

I highly recommend PTL to any company that is interested in doing business in China."



Mike Miller

Business Development Manager, Marketing