Have you experienced or are you experiencing that your company's website is not loading normally in China? Missing images? Very long loading times?

PTL’s Chinaware service fixes these problems and allows you to…

  • Use the website you already have from day 1 in China. 
  • Set-up in 1 step. Takes you just 5 minutes.
  • Be protected from changes in Chinese internet policy and know your site always looks right in China.
  • No ICP required!

The different website loading times in China, before and after using Chinaware:


Outside China you cannot see these problems, so we've created a page for testing whether your site will have these problems in China. To test, please click below: 

Test if your website has problems in China

About our Chinaware packages:

The basic packages provide:

  • Solution to ensure your website loads normally in China.
  • Simple and easy set-up, and just as easy to discontinue if you choose. 
The advanced package provides:
  • Boost the loading speed of your website in China.
  • Display your website's videos in China.

If you're interested to learn more, please fill in your contact details in the form above (please remember to select the service 'Chinaware (site acceleration)'), and we will send you more details about the service and how to register.