PTL Group provides management and operational support for international companies throughout their market entry and growth stages in China. Founded in 2000, PTL Group is a privately held company with offices, logistic centers and facilities in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou and Changzhou. Since our inception, we have served over 300 market-entry projects in China. We currently employ over 300 employees across China.

PTL Group’s greatest asset are its people. Our local expert teams help maintain extremely high client satisfaction rates, while helping managers from all over the world establish an effective and well-controlled presence in China. Many of our personnel have been with us for over a decade, and the ability to maintain stable human capital while constantly adapting our knowledge and service solutions to dynamic market trends is typical of our unique DNA.

What we Do

PTL Group acts as its clients' local management and execution arm in a wide range of disciplines, from sales & distribution operations and local currency transactions to inventory management, factory establishment and much more.

No business entity in China? Not a problem. Utilize PTL Group’s expertise to:

  • Recruit and host employees within our shared office space
  • Establish independent sales & distribution channels
  • Import, store, sell, invoice and distribute products to local clients
  • Set up and manage assembly and production operations
  • Execute MarCom and social media projects that maintain an ongoing presence in the Chinese market

On the ground and running? Our services will help take your local entity to the next level:

  • Financial and HR management for local subsidiaries
  • Logistics and supply chain management in China
  • Operational audits that identify management risks
  • Fast intervention and transformation processes
  • Comprehensive, multidisciplinary turnaround projects in times of distress

What makes PTL Group’s business model so effective?

Time to market

Entering the Chinese market on ready-made infrastructure run by professional managers makes all the difference – from day one.

Full transparency and accountability

We provide an independent view and full operational transparency – in full compliance with market regulations.

Enhanced competitiveness

PTL Group’s infrastructure and services enable you to sell in local currency, cut lead times by holding stock and spare parts in China and strengthen your local competitive edge.

Balanced decision-making

Success in China depends on confident decision making. Our back-office managers execute your policies, while reporting and sharing their local experience with your company’s overseas managers.

A gradual investment

Our step-by-step approach empowers you to invest gradually and allows you to postpone the expensive and binding establishment of a subsidiary. A gradual investment assists you in confirming market penetration strategy assumptions, while building your market confidence.

PTL Group is known for providing comprehensive services to international companies planning to initiate operations in China. By responding to dynamic needs and requirements, we significantly contribute to our clients' success. Nothing gratifies us more than to see them thrive.

It is with a wonderful sense of accomplishment that I look back at PTL Group's development from a 20-person company in 2005 to a 180-employee enterprise in 2018 – and we're still growing. Over the years, our ever-growing client base has evolved considerably, and includes many young and dynamic start-ups who have joined the large industrial companies that have been with us from the very beginning.

The ability to maintain an extremely stable workforce, while constantly adapting our knowledge base and service solutions to the changing times, is typical of PTL Group's unique DNA. I am very proud of our local team of experts, who have proven to be our greatest asset. Our senior managers and dedicated mid-level managers, who have perfected their skills at PTL Group for the past ten years, help us maintain high client satisfaction rates. Many of our clients have been with us for over a decade. Our people are the reason why.
We are committed to providing high-level services to each and every one of our clients. Their success is our success.

Arie Schreier
General Manager, PTL GROUP, China


PTL Group has formed strong collaborative relationships with international organizations all over the world.