A Proven Strategy for Optimizing Operations in China

November 26, 2020
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Even before the Covid crisis has turned into a global pandemic, 2019 ended with a feeling of recession. Against this backdrop, the coronavirus broke out and has shaken international markets.

While the world is still coping with the far-reaching implications of the virus outbreak, the life in China is pretty much back on track. Yet, alongside the social gatherings and the positive feeling of constraining the virus, businesses are still required to adjust strategies.

The new circumstances force companies that are doing business in China to focus on reducing business functions in order to keep afloat – or as we like to call it: Shrink to Survive.

Last August we hosted PTL Group’s 7th gathering of our Partners’ Network. In the event, PTL Group’s General Manager, Arie Schreier, addressed the major challenges currently faced by foreign companies in China, and presented this adjusted operational model, accompanied by a case study of an American company.


Operational Audit in China is the first step in devising your new strategy. This is a comprehensive “health check”, that inspects each department of the company, points out the risky areas where further checks could be conducted and ultimately suggests tools to enhance performances.

The current circumstances in both China and the wider world, have left a large number of firms struggling to survive. Perhaps now more than ever, it is essential to optimize operations.

If you’re faced with any obstacles in your business activities in China then please contact us. In these challenging times, it is important to both prepare your business for the worst but hope for the best. At PTL Group, we help nurture and secure a business’s operational model in the Chinese market so that in the future it may develop and grow.

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