Candles Lightening & Socializing – An Israeli Hannukah in Shanghai

December 29, 2020
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On the 6th night of Hannukah, we had the pleasure of hosting the honorary guests, the Israeli Consul General, the Israeli economic consul and the Israeli tourism attaché together with 40 Israeli businessmen and women, for a delightful and delicious Hannukah celebration. Some guests are working and living in Shanghai and others came especially from neighboring cities.

The appointed Consul General, Mr. Eddie Shapira presented the Consulate’s activities during the past year and reviewed the efforts made to support the community and the Israeli government throughout the pandemic. Mr. Shapira called for tighter cooperation with the Israeli community in Shanghai and praised the work Consul Limor Ganon, who couldn’t attend the event herself, did throughout her term, for the Israeli community. He invited the Israeli businessmen and women to come and meet the consulate team, and that he was attentive to needs and welcoming initiatives to promote Israel-China relations. The Consul General noted that alongside business activities, the consulate is also willing to promote both cultural and academic activities connecting the two nations.

The appointed Economic Consul, Mr. Niv Hanan congratulated the attendees. He invited the Israeli business community to contact him for any initiative that could foster the Israel-China economic relations, emphasizing the import of knowledge, products and technologies from Israel to China.

The Tourism attaché Mr. Roy Kreizman, spoke about his activities to promote Israel as a tourist destination amid the challenges posed by Covid-19. He said that the State of Israel and the Ministry of Tourism were working tirelessly towards the day when Chinese tourists would be able to visit Israel again, while in the meantime they were working on raising the awareness of the “Israel” brand in China.

The gathering also created an opportunity for all other guests to present themselves and their work, not only to the diplomatic staff, but also for the benefit of creating new connections.

For us too, it was a fantastic opportunity to meet old friends and also new ones.

Traditional Sufganiyahs, latkes, wine, falafel, and more yummy food deliciously made by the JCC in Shanghai contributed too to the wonderful atmosphere.

We thank all the guests who joined us on this lovely evening, and we are looking forward to seeing everyone at future celebrations.

PTL Group’s team, Shanghai

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