Maintain Control of Your China Operation During COVID-19

February 23, 2020
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The last few weeks have greatly affected foreign companies operating in China. With uncertainty affecting business, many have reduced their activities to a minimum. Others have transferred their management teams out of China.

Note that the PTL Group staff has resumed its activities, working throughout China. Our goal is to help foreign companies regain control of their operations, minimize operational costs and resume their business operations in China.

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  1. Release of cargo held in the customs due to the holiday or the virus
  2. Checking inventory records and comparison with financial records
  3. Purchase and transport of goods from suppliers, selling goods domestically, or export overseas (including shipment of personal household of non-returning families)
  4. Improving and streamlining processes of import and export to/from China, tariffs reduction and VAT refunds

Management of goods in a front or a bonded warehouse in China

  1. Storing goods that got stuck in China, and cannot be sent to their destination
  2. Storing goods already released from customs, which the recipient cannot receive
  3. Temporary storage of household contents
  4. Storing goods awaiting customs clearance or licenses


Human resources management

  1. Salary payments and social insurances
  2. Labor contracts reviews and assessment of termination or reduction of the scope of employment
  3. Launching or completing foreign employee visa issuance processes
  4. Recruitment and hiring employees

Financial management

  1. Making payments to suppliers (Including payments from the WFOE bank account)
  2. Keeping and managing the use of company chops
  3. Inspection and supervision of financial reports and financial work processes
  4. Implementing software of reimbursement and personnel management
  5. Checking eligibility for benefits and tax refunds in light of the virus

Manufacture and assembly

  1. Scaling down production and assembly areas
  2. Shifting production and/or assembly operations to an industrial incubator, in order to reduce management resources
  3. Streamlining production processes
  4. Taking over OEM manufacturing or assembly activity, to be managed by the overseas company

Now, more than ever,

it’s smart to minimize risk with PTL Group.


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