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December 3, 2019
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Dear clients, as part of PTL Group’s mission to renew itself and remain up to date, two new systems were launched last November, in the Financial and HR Departments, aimed at improving and making work processes more efficient, for all participants: your headquarters staff, employees in China, and PTL Group staff. The new work interface saves you time, resources, and especially saves headaches …

Accounting automation

Our Financial Department has a new application, available both on computer and mobile, allowing several important functions. The first one that is already in use, is reimbursements management, which is offered to our clients with no additional charge. From now on, your employees in China no longer have to fill out tedious Excel reports for each invoice. Instead, all they have to do is to use their mobile phone to take a photo of the invoice and upload it, and all details will be entered automatically by an advanced data reading system. The employee’s supervisor will receive a notification, which can be confirmed immediately, and the employee will be reimbursed in the following month upon receiving the next salary. In the near future, we are intending to put into use the system’s additional functions such as statistical analysis and budget planning.

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Dedicated app for HR management

Human Resources Department’s new system enables our clients’ employees to view their salary slips and to manage their vacation quota (annual leave, sick leave, maternity leave, etc.). The app allows the employees to check their leaves status and apply for a new leave through the system. In this case, as well, the supervisor will be notified of the request, which he can approve, and the system will automatically record the updates. Both employee and / or supervisor can receive a report.

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Implementing such new technologies allows us to continue to maintain transparency and improve the work and communication convenience between our clients’ employees in China and company executives.

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