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October 25, 2022
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In the past couple of years, we’ve been able to add many new companies from the UK to our portfolio of clients. And in light of this, three of our senior managers flew to London last month, for a series of meetings with our local clients. Here are some key events from this intriguing visit that we wanted to share:

Business in the UK While Mourning the Death of Queen Elizabeth the 2nd

By chance, we had the great honour of being in London for business during the week of the Queen’s passing. It was an amazing experience to see the whole city and nation come together at a time of such collective sorrow. So, we started our trip by honoring the Queen with a bouquet of flowers in her memory.

Crown Jewels to China’s Richest – A Fascination Connection

Speaking of the royal family, we were excited to catch up with one of our newer clients in London. A prominent and well-known Jeweller for the royal family, that has produced many of the royal family’s cornerstone pieces over the past century- including Diana’s engagement ring and the crown placed on her majesty’s grave.

Our client has been selling luxury jewels in China for many years. Recently, their management team decided to set up a WFOE in China, but, as a result of restrictions on travel and hardline Covid policies in China, we had to get creative in providing a smooth WFOE set-up. We managed to incorporate our client and for the final stage, our senior managers flew to London to discuss finishing touches with regard to the entity and helped the company to think through their business operation, and marketing strategies.

There is a growing demand in China for semi-precious and precious gems, especially in recent times considering the growing difficulty to transfer funds out of China, thus the demand for jewels has risen.

Setting up a company in China (WFOE)

During our trip to London, we took the time to meet and update our clients about new guidelines regarding company registration in China and new options for Business Support in China.

We were glad to come with good news for one of our clients, (a British company specializing in adapting western brands to fit the Chinese market), that their WFOE registration process was completed. The company has a British-Chinese team of experts that manages products from the early stage of development until their full implementation in the Chinese market.

Now that they are fully implemented in the Chinese market, they have shared with us their plan for launching a new initiative. We were thrilled to hear that we will be helping and taking part in the operative and administrative side of the new initiative in China.

Afterwards, we went on to meet with two more clients that use our services in China. One company that manufactures furniture, and the other produces and sells unique musical instruments.

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The Routine of Doing Business in China – Follow up meetings

We left London and traveled to Cambridge to meet with one of our longtime clients at their offices. This company specializes in high-end, curved screens that are popular and widely applicable in China. It was a pleasure to meet face to face after many zoom meetings in recent years, and to clarify all the updated and improved HR solutions in China we provide them.

In a different meeting, we met with one of our beauty and wellness market clients and discussed recent developments and challenges that companies in that field face in China. This British company uses our financial services in China for offline and online activity. Recently, we have been managing the development and implementation of their new e-commerce platform in China. In the meeting, we discussed all issues regarding the expansion of the company into the Chinese market and its future ambitions.

We finished our round of meetings with our lovely clients at Emerging Communications, a British-Chinese digital marketing agency. EC has been using our services regarding WFOE setup, HR solutions, and payroll services in China. We discussed new solutions for financial services in China, and administrative adaptions that they must make, because of their recent expansion in the Chinese market.

A Solution for Supply Chain Issues – Set up manufacturing in China to support your Sales in China

Many of the meetings we held during our time in the UK were vastly manufacturing-oriented and align with a trend we’ve noticed of British companies being increasingly drawn towards manufacturing solutions in China. From the motor industry to medical equipment and even art, companies manufacturing in China can shorten their supply chain when selling to the Chinese or Asian markets, doing so can cut delays and reduce any risk of their malfunctions.

The opportunity to manage a project in China from start to finish can save you a lot of time and money. There are many reasons today to manufacture your product in China that are more important than cutting your shipping time. The opportunity to take part in local governmental bids or auctions are only for business entities that have already been registered in China. Having these opportunities for your company is a great advantage for doing business in China, specifically when wanting to expand your local clientele and sales.

Manufacturing in China will make sure you are close to your market, making it easier to manipulate and change course as and when needed and improving your chances of acclimatizing or aligning your product with the needs of the Chinese market. All the companies that we have met with in the UK understand these considerations and have chosen to collaborate with us on upcoming projects regarding manufacturing in China.

We headed north for a meeting with a known company in the Automotive industry, regarding an exciting manufacturing initiative that will be starting soon. As for their request, we brought along from China a few 3D-printed models to discuss their manufacturing needs. At the moment, the Automotive sector in China is one of the fastest growing and government-supported industries in China, and we see great potential in working on a manufacturing project in this field.

Then we headed to Bournemouth, located on the southern coast, to meet with another company that uses our manufacturing in China services. This company specializes in paint manufacturing, including reusable spray paint cans. When we arrived in the city center, we were thrilled to see an amazing art installation, later we found out that the installation was done by our client. It was a great surprise, and it added some colour to our visit.

In Southampton, we met with another client, this time in the medical technology industry. This experienced company deals with computing equipment that is focused for high-pressure conditions. Because of that, their Chinese market scope is very large, resulting in their need to manufacture in China in order to grow their sales in China. We met with them and with our own engineer in order to wrap up our manufacturing plan for them.

Recently we have witnessed a spike in interest for our manufacturing solutions in China, specifically from the UK. As proof, our Senior staff was invited for a lovely discussion at the Santander Bank, the same bank that holds 10% of the shares of the Bank of Shanghai. Santander manages a business-oriented information platform for their clients. The Q&A discussed the supply chain and manufacturing in China, and will be shared on their platform soon.

But here are some key notes from the discussion that we would like to share:

  • Manufacturing in China is at full capacity at the moment and has not stopped due to Covid restrictions
  • The Chinese manufacturing sector has matured providing high-standard production processes and automation mechanisms.
  • Manufacturing in China or assembly in a local Chinese facility offers great advantages in facilitating sales in the Chinese market.
  • Having a local team acting as your eyes and ears in China is imperative to have now.

After the interview, PTL Group’s General Manager Arie Schreier was invited to be one of the guest speakers in an upcoming Santander Bank event.

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