The Financial Regulations Guide for Foreign Companies in China

Last updated: Apr 2024

Setting Up & Closing a Company in China

WFOE’s Bank Accounts

Every entity with a business license in China is legally obligated to open a bank account....

The Cost of Closing Down

Closing a company in China? China WFOE deregistration is a long and intricate process, and must...

Managing a Company in China

Accounting in China

WFOE’s financial duties Once the WFOE registration process is completed, and the company has a business...

Taxes Paid by Employers

Corporate Income Tax International companies who are active in the Chinese market and generate a China-sourced...

Taxes Paid by Employees

Just like in their home countries, foreigners working in China are required to contribute some portion...

Transfer Funds Out of China

Many foreign companies operating in China feel that profit repatriation from China is a challenging task....

Import, Export & Sales

invoicing services china

Invoicing in China

When in Rome, be as a Roman, and in China be as a Chinese. When it...

China’s Import Fees

Import related value-added tax (VAT) VAT is charged on sales and importation procedures in China. In...


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