Candidate Filtering

Last updated: Jan 2021
The HR Regulations Guide for Foreign Companies in China

There’s nothing more valuable to a company than its human capital. That is also why HR and personnel recruitment are so important. While successful recruitment helps companies achieve success, hiring mistakes usually have the opposite effect. If your company is hiring employees in China, it is important to keep in mind that HR in China, and recruitment in particular, are different from most western practices. Therefore, your expectations must be adjusted.

PTL Group’s vast expertise includes recruitment practices in China. We want to share our important knowledge with you. This article discusses the important practice of candidate filtering.

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Candidate Filtering

The black CV market

When it comes to recruitment in China, there are many platforms (e.g. job sites, social networks, job fairs and more), but the main challenges are the ability to filter the relevant resumes from a vast pool of job applications, and to verify them. Falsified resumes are not uncommon in the current job market landscape, and are a part of a large black market that offers candidates different types of required documents.

Once, as part of our recruitment practices in China, we examined a candidate for a sales manager position, whose resume was not accurate in two clauses. A background check revealed that not only was his last position not as high-level as he had pointed out, but also that the number of years he had worked at his prior company does not match what he had written on his CV. Therefore, no resume should be taken for granted.

Less letters of recommendations, more background checks

In China, the image and the “face” (miànzi面子) play a very important role in all aspects of life, as well as in the aspect of employment. This is one of the reasons, though not the only one, for the lack of credibility and reliability of letters of recommendation from previous employers.

Therefore, we recommend conducting background checks on candidates, especially when recruiting for foreign companies. Sometimes the background checks may eliminate candidates who have made a very good impression during the recruitment process. There are many examples of this scenario, but one of the most astonishing is a case in which a background check exposed that the candidate was not only working for the competing company, but that he was also the company’s owner, and was trying to get a job to extract information.

Last updated: January 2021

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