Job Interviews in China

Last updated: Aug 2023
The HR Regulations Guide for Foreign Companies in China

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Job Interviews in China

Who conducts the interview?

The Chinese recruiter is the core of the entire recruitment process, from the initial filtering stage and especially during the job interview. A Chinese interviewer should join interviews with all candidates, in order to interpret and explain what the candidate is saying, or not saying, in terms of business and discussion culture.

A candidate who expresses insecurity or discomfort is not necessarily a bad fit. The interview process may be uncomfortable and stressful – and is mostly conducted in a foreign language. Perhaps the candidate has never worked for a foreign company before, or his or her English is not sufficiently well-spoken. He or she could be great industry experts with an extensive network of connections. Don’t be surprised if, during the interview, the Chinese interviewer asks a few questions in Chinese, and suddenly the candidate’s confidence returns and he or she begins to speak fluently.

The candidate’s body gestures, language and overall interview sometimes lead us to make the wrong decisions, due to cultural gaps and misunderstandings. Bear in mind that certain behavior codes that are perceived in China in a certain way, will be perceived differently by “Western” eyes. Therefore, a Chinese recruiter must be present during the job interview. If possible, we recommend asking a foreign professional who has lived in China for many years and is familiar with the culture of both parties, to join the interview.

Salary expectations

We recommend checking your candidates’ salary expectations during the early stages of the process, so as not to waste time. While issues such as working conditions and wages are usually kept in discretion in Western companies, this is not the case in China. It is OK to talk about money! In a Chinese company, everything is open to discussion. All employees know how much their peers earn, and job descriptions and grant packages are common conversation topics.

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English please

Communication skills in English are important, but their importance is derived from the role in question. For example, a good salesperson will conduct sales in Chinese and not in English. In many cases, English is necessary for communication with the parent company’s headquarters. If a candidate’s written English is better than his or her oral English, it may be sufficient. A high-level English requirement will narrow the number of potential candidates and raise their desirable salary. Therefore, it is advisable to consider the required level of English for each position.

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Last updated: Aug 2023