Operational Support for Startups

PTL Group helps startups enter the Chinese market in a lean and highly effective manner. Our operational model includes all the necessary steps required to establish a secure foundation for business progress.
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Get Off to a Great Start in China.

Interested in selling your innovative product in China? PTL Group will help your start-up establish an operational market entry model that minimizes risks and maximizes chances for success. Given China’s special characteristics, here’s what you need to keep in mind:

Shorter time-to-market is better
A quick and effective setup reduces copycat risk, saves costs, and comes in handy in future investment rounds.

Local knowledge is important
Local knowledge, infrastructures and support are crucial for minimizing business risk in China.

Operational flexibility is essential
You wi
ll often need to redefine strategies and make tactical adjustments based on feedback from the field, the company’s growth rate, geopolitical market changes and other dynamic circumstances.


Lean China Market Entry

Once you have decided to enter the Chinese market, you’ll need to plan a local strategy and set up the appropriate business infrastructures. PTL Group’s operational market entry model ensures that your start-up benefits from the following advantages – from day one:

  • Thoughtful & thorough step-by-step development
  • Shorter time-to-market
  • Effective management from day one
  • Full operational flexibility
  • Reduced market entry costs
  • Effective risk management

Our step-by-step approach includes:


An initial evaluation

As part of our structured process, PTL Group will help you evaluate the required operational needs for your start-up in China. The evaluation will cover budget planning, salary benchmarks, license requirements, importation processes, and more. To get started, send us a message at any time.

If you’re thinking about entering the Chinese market, we also recommend that you review our list of seminars, join one of our training events, order a tailor-made training session, or send a representative to our China Boot Camp.


First steps in China

PTL Group enables you to utilise well established and complex operational infrastructures from day one in China, with the backing of an experienced business support team. By doing so, companies are able to establish their China sales operations in a fast and malleable fashion.


Initial sales in China

Once you’ve established your China operation, PTL Group will help you to issue local invoices; Conduct local payment and collection; Draft and sign local contracts; Recruit and employ local team; Manage payroll; Transfer funds into and outside of China; Manage import, export, storage and distribution in China.


Establishing an entity

Once you have a sustained revenue stream, PTL Group will help you establish an entity in China. This includes company registration and asset transfers to your new company (i.e. employees, facilities, website, ICP licenses, WeChat account and more).


Managing an entity

Our local back office services support a wide range of daily operational needs in China:
End-to-end office administration; Employment contract negotiation, preparation and review; Employee payroll management, social benefit calculations & documentation; Hosting in shared offices; Bookkeeping & accounting; Tax planning & compliance; Financial management, budget planning & control; Import & Export process optimization, stock management & distribution; Warehousing and ERP system management; Operational audits and more.

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