Market Entryfor Startups

Get Off to a Great Start in China.

Asking questions and getting answers

Start-ups contemplating Chinese market entry cannot skip the first important step: asking the right questions.

  1. Is my start-up ready for the Chinese market?
  2. Do I have what it takes to cope with Chinese investors?
  3. Is China the right place for me and my start-up?

There are many ways to obtain answers to these questions and others like them. We recommend joining PTL Group’s upcoming China Bootcamp.

Going to China

After making the strategic decision to enter the Chinese market, you’ll need to plan and set up your local strategy and infrastructure. At PTL Group, we help start-ups establish a market entry model that works best for them – based on their specific needs, industry standards and dynamic market trends.

Expected benefits:

  • Thoughtful & thorough step-by-step development
  • Reduced time-to-market
  • Effective management – from day one
  • Enhanced corporate flexibility
  • Reduced market entry costs
  • Effective risk management

Our step-by-step approach includes:


Asking questions and getting answers

Is your start-up ready for the Chinese market? Do you have what it takes to cope with Chinese investors? Is China the right place for your start-up?

Join PTL Group's upcoming China Bootcamp. Ask the right questions and get some answers.


First steps in China

PTL Group allows you to use its existing facilities and helps you establish your China sales and tech support operations step by step, using its existing business support team and service platforms.


Initial sales in China

Once you've begun operating in China, you'll need to conduct a smooth operation. PTL Group helps start-ups in China to issue local invoices; Conduct local payment and collection; Draft and sign local contracts; Transfer funds into and outside of China; Manage import, export, storage and distribution.


Corporate entity establishment

At PTL Group, we help start-ups establish a corporate entity in China. This includes Company registration, asset transfer to new company (employees, website, ICP license, office, WeChat account and more), and Assembly or production line establishment and management.


Corporate entity management

Day-to-day management comes with many challenges. Our local back office services support a wide range of daily operational needs in China: Recruitment, hosting, office set-up, financial controls, logistics, warehousing, invoicing, collection, credit control, warranty agreements and operational execution to diverse sales, marketing and manufacturing tasks.

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