Operational SupportFor Registered Entities

Run your company in China like clockwork

Managing a company in China is different than what you’re used to. There are different accounting and labor rules, frequent rule and regulation changes, accounting management on Chinese government software and more. Every management task requires professional support. Support can be supplied either by a team recruited to manage all financial, HR and logistic issues, or via 3rd party outsourcing management.

PTL Group’s ongoing operational support

PTL Group currently supports the ongoing operations and management of dozens of subsidiaries operating in China. We provide comprehensive C-Level management outsourced services to international corporations with newly-founded and/or established business entities in China (WFOE, FICE, Rep Office or JV).

The logic couldn’t be simpler: when your day-to-day operations are fully functional (either outsourced from PTL Group or supervised by our professional team), you’re free to direct your resources towards developing a robust sales pipeline, conducting business pilots and meeting other important local challenges that require your full attention.

  • Stabilize your business infrastructure
  • Reduce expenditures
  • Enhance your competitiveness
  • Increase your operational efficiency
  • Tighten your risk control
  • Empower your China operation

Take your local entity to the next level with PTL Group's support:


Company Registration in Hong Kong and China

Establishing your local entity (WFOE, FICE, RO, JV) properly from the beginning saves you time and money.


Comprehensive HR Management

Optimizes the employee hiring and termination process, and provides employees with support that enhance their efficiency.


Comprehensive Financial Management

Optimize financial reporting planning, monitoring and execution, in compliance with western and Chinese GAAP requirements.


Supply Chain Management

Optimizes Import & Export processes, stock management and distribution. Including Warehousing (mainland, bonded and e-commerce warehouses) and ERP System Management.


Operational Audits

PTL Group's experts conduct operational audits to discover company deficiencies. If needed, an interim management team facilitates a quick intervention and turnaround process.


Marketing Localization & Social Media

PTL Group serves as your online & offline marketing team in China, planning viable marketing deployment strategies and implementing marketing activities on a regular basis.


Assembly & Manufacturing

PTL Group's Industrial Incubator is a quick and cost-effective way to kickstart local manufacturing.

Want to meet your business goals? You'll need the best operational resources at your full disposal. Let's get in touch:

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