Chapter 1: Do I need an entity in China

China is not an easy place to conduct business. Before arriving in China, ask yourself these few basic questions:

Chapter 2: When Shall I set up a WFOE

Is it time to set up your own operation in China and take control over your activities? Read more

Chapter 3: Where Shall I Set Up My Manufacturing Plant in China

Read about Industrial Parks and Incubation Models for Manufacturing in China.

Chapter 4: Practical Tips for Logistic Management in China

Start the logistics process in China only when you have a transparent view of the entire procedure. Read more.

Chapter 5: Practical Tips for HR Management in China

14 Tips from a Human Resources professional manager in China.

Chapter 6: Practical Tips for Finance Management in China

9 Tips for your CFO: Managing Finance of foreign companies in China.

Chapter 7: Practical Tips for Marketing Management in China

Marketing Management in the Chinese business & digital landscape.

Chapter 8: Practical Tips for Managing Salespeople in China

Managing salespeople in China can be tricky. They need to be nurtured – and controlled. Read more.

Chapter 9: Practical Tips for Managing Distributors in China

Distributors can be a blessing if you know how to use them right – or a curse if you fail to do it correctly.

Brief orientation with the world of Chinese customs

A simplified summery of the intricate most-important-to-know China import and export regulations.

Guide for the traveller to China: January 2021

Top tips for your China business trip in times of a global epidemic: prior-during-after arriving to China.

White paper: Sell Health & Beauty Products in China via e-Commerce

A concise analysis of the Chinese cosmetics and health supplements market. Market characteristics, trends, and e-commerce opportunities.