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From bookkeeping and tax compliance to budget control, PTL Group’s financial experts provide your China operation with end-to-end financial management support – while reporting directly to your overseas CFO.
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Outsourced CFO, Controller & Bookkeeping Services

Maintaining financial control and governance in China, in line with both local and international best practice is a major challenge for CFOs. PTL Group’s financial experts support its clients whether they already have an entity in China or not, in managing the financial operation in China. PTL Group’s team assists with implementing the head office policies locally and independently, and report directly to the CFO overseas.

PTL Group is not only a bookkeeping and accounting firm, but a trading company that manages the supply chain and financial transactions for more than 200 clients. Our financial and logistics management expertise lies in hands-on experience accumulated over 20 years of managing trade in China.

Our services – your financial governance:

Bookkeeping and Accounting: Managing a business entity in China requires full compliance with Chinese accounting rules (China GAAP), which are different than the accounting rules in other countries (Western GAAP). PTL Group has many years of experience in managing accounting systems and bookkeeping for western companies’ Chinese entities. We provide financial reporting in accordance with Chinese standards, while making all the necessary adjustments to meet the needs of the overseas CFO.

Financial Management, Budget Planning & Control: We operate as your in-house Finance Manager, Financial Controller or Accountant. We provide you with transparent and clear accounting reports.

VAT Refunds and Tax Reductions: Not only does the Chinese financial management system differ from the rest of the world, but the biggest challenge is keeping up with the constant changes to government policy and regulations. PTL Group’s experienced finance department will facilitate your VAT refunds and apply for tax reductions for your business in China.

ERP Management: PTL Group’s team is experienced with implementing and managing various ERP systems (Priority, Oracle, SAP, MFG and others). If required, PTL Group’s team can implement the client’s ERP system in China to manage and record the activity allowing immediate access to the data in China.

Advanced Management Report: Preparation of advanced managerial reports such as yearly budget, P&L, cash flow and other reports as required by the head office.

Tax Planning and Compliance: We help you prepare for local tax audits, in compliance with the latest rules and regulations.

Special Projects: We tailor individual service projects for specific company needs, such as data systems upgrading, due diligence processes, potential fraud investigations, subsidiary auditing and turnaround projects, local entity deregistration and more.

Managing your China operation's financials with maximum efficiency and transparency is not a luxury. It's an absolute must. Get in touch to get started:


    Thinking About Entering the Chinese Market?

    Our market entry operational support may be the best solution to your needs.

    Thinking About Entering the Chinese Market?

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    Our ongoing operational support will help you overcome a variety of business management challenges.

    Already Have an Entity in China?

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    Our operational audit & business recovery services will help you identify and amend managerial weaknesses and faulty practices.

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