B2B marketing localization in China

At PTL Group, we’ll assist you with B2B marketing localization in China – from website relocation and content strategy to trade shows and social media. Build and manage your online brand in China – and boost your sales.
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Build a strong local brand to support your sales in China

Once you’ve decided to enter the Chinese market, B2B marketing localization in China should be high on your list. PTL Group is here to provide expert guidance, every step of the way.

Establishing an early online presence can significantly benefit your China market-entry efforts – and is also expected of all B2C and B2B companies. Investing in your online brand will help boost your clients’ trust in your product or service, help protect it from copycats and support your sales operations.

At PTL Group, we’ll help you with all aspects of B2B marketing localization in China:

Building your online infrastructure:

  • Website relocation: Local server set-up, ICP license and registration on government databases (requires local business license and contact person).
  • APP localization
  • Official social media accounts set-up
  • WeChat CRM system set-up

Establishing your online presence:

  • Online marketing strategy planning – research and mapping of relevant channels for your business
  • Content translation and localization
  • Video subtitles and narrating
  • SEO – keywords research and planning
  • Baidu Pedia page creation
  • Online PR management – news platforms and vertical websites
  • Online content maintenance
  • Ads placements
  • Brand reinforcement via relevant channels (Zhima and alike)

Developing your social media channels:

  • Content strategy and planning
  • official accounts management: i.e. WeChat, Weibo, Youku, TikTok, Red, etc.
  • Marketing campaign planning and execution
  • Content translation and localization
  • Content creation
  • Video translation and narration

Capturing and managing online leads:

  • SEM management for Baidu and WeChat
  • Landing pages – set-up, design and management
  • Targeted channel ads
  • SDR services
  • Data management (via 3rd party platform) 

Offline activities:

  • Operational support prior to, during and after exhibitions (also with support from our supply chain and warehouse teams)
  • Marketing material localization, translation & printing

Know your target market in China

Market research is a common practice for B2C companies, but perhaps less for B2B entities. Nevertheless, we highly recommend conducting a basic market research before entering the Chinese market – or once you’ve already established your presence.

China has made it a top priority to become fully digitalized by 2030. All processes, government or private, are mostly conducted online. Online payments and the extensive use of QR codes are already being used, but this revolution is designed to eventually eliminate all paper uses from daily lives.

This transition is affecting business and consumer practices, especially with the growing presence of tech-savvy professionals. Potential candidates for job openings will look online for verified information regarding your company before applying. Potential clients, distributors and partners will do the same. Not having an online presence online might hurt your credibility.

By conducting an online market research, you can get a better picture on what is happening in your industry, who your potential competitors are, and which channels you can harness to improve your online brand awareness.

Planning your China B2B marketing strategy based on a thorough online research can support your local sales team in their endeavors, as well. Remember: even as a B2B company, you can benefit greatly from a digital presence in the Chinese market.

Marketing in China can get you far – but you need to do it right. Kickstart your marketing efforts today. Get in touch:


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