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PTL Group provides British companies with comprehensive support as they navigate their China-based operations. Our UK office offers guidance and support that will help you make smart decisions every step of the way, from initial planning and market entry to scalable growth.
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Providing British companies with the best China business support

Thinking about doing business in China? PTL Group’s UK office provides management and operational support to British companies throughout their market entry and growth stages in China. We have extensive experience in supporting UK businesses that develop, produce, and distribute products or services in China, and our proven track record speaks for itself. We can assist you with the entire process, from the initial planning stages to the establishment of a fully operational business in China.

Our local teams help maintain high client satisfaction rates while helping companies from the United Kingdom establish an effective and well-controlled presence in China. We provide you with full operational transparency – in full compliance with market regulations.

Why you need a multi-disciplinary service provider in China

Managing a business in a different country is never simple, let alone when it comes to doing business in China. This is why British companies arriving in China should strive to maximize stability by partnering with a local professional ally that can fully support their market entry process. This is where we come in. Our wide range of services and packages can be tailored to your specific needs. We offer business support in China, and your success and peace of mind are our top priorities. >> Read more

By outsourcing services in China, small and medium British companies (SMEs) from a wide range of industries are able to fulfill China’s market potential even in harsh business realities and constant disruptions in the global supply chain. >> Read more

How can we help?

We help British businesses enter the Chinese market by establishing and managing their on-the-ground operations from day one – before their formal subsidiaries are registered.

With more than 20 years of practical experience in China, our team provides UK companies with on-the-ground support that facilitate the selling of products and services in China. Our team act as your local management and execution arm in a wide range of disciplines, from sales & distribution operations and local currency transactions to inventory management, employee recruitment and factory establishment.

Our facilities and services enable British companies to build a China-based sales team, sell in local currency, cut lead times by maintaining stock and spare parts in China, and build a robust local competitive edge.

Our Services in China

Our UK lead offers British companies a wide range of professional services in China, which reduce time-to-market, enhance competitiveness and increase operational efficiency.

Recruitment & HR Management in China

We recruit sales, technical and service staff for a wide variety of industries, and provide HR management services throughout the entire employee lifecycle process. As an employer of record in China, we provide professional support to UK Companies that are looking to recruit and need employment services in China. We provide full HR services in China, from hiring, insurance, benefits, tax compliance, visa and work permit, to labor contracts in China, payroll services in China, and ongoing employee support. HR solutions in China is our expertise. >> Recruitment & HR Management in China

Financial Management & Accounting

At PTL Group, we help UK-based companies with their accounting in China. Our expertise includes a wide range of financial services in China, including bookkeeping and accounting, budget planning and control, VAT refunds in China, tax reductions, ERP management, tax planning and compliance, China tax invoice, special financial projects, and much more. We work with your team to implement you head office policies both locally and independently and report directly to your overseas CFO. >> Financial Management & Accounting

Logistics Fulfillment & Distribution Services

PTL Group is your address for logistics in China. Relying on our licenses and facilities, we specialize in product importation, storage and sales in local currency. Our services also include fulfillment in China, importation process analysis and execution, warehousing and inventory control, RMB sales contract collection and credit control, RMB invoicing, local purchasing, and more. With PTL Group, your supply chain needs in China are fully covered. >> Logistics Fulfillment & Distribution Services

Company Registration in China

Starting a business in China? We help UK and Ireland-based companies assess their China company registration needs and priorities. We evaluate all China company registration aspects, so your business set up in China is executed in the most professional manner. We walk you through the types of entities that can be registered in China, including WFOE registration, Representative Offices, Joint Ventures and Hong Kong subsidiaries. We also discuss aspects such as business license in China, operational support for registered entities, how to close a business in China, and more.  >> Company Registration in China

Assembly & Manufacturing in China

We help companies from the United Kingdom overcome import regulations and transportation barriers that can potentially elevate the cost of their products, while safeguarding their IP and important work processes – and creating a safe and controlled manufacturing environment. Our services include contract manufacturing, setting up a factory in China, and much more. >> Assembly & Manufacturing in China

Operational Audits & Business Recovery

We provide UK-based companies with subsidiaries in China a wide range of business recovery services. These include operational Audits in China, which is an effective tool for assessing your subsidiary’s business practices, revealing operational risks, improving transparency, analyze managerial effectiveness, and more. In addition, we also provide operational turnaround & transformation services. >> Operational Audits & Business Recovery

Market Entry Operational Support

We assist companies from the UK and Ireland that wish to enter the Chinese market in establishing and managing their on-the-ground operations before prior to formal subsidiary registration. Our clients benefit from full operational flexibility before committing to specific structures locations, business models and partnerships. With a long list of specialized services, we’ve built an ideal package for China market entry >> Market Entry Operational Support

Operational Support for Registered Entities

UK-based companies operating in China via registered entities rely on us to provide outsourcing services in China. Our operational support for registered entities stabilizes their business infrastructures, reduces expenditures and tightens their overall control over their overseas subsidiaries. >> Operational Support for Registered Entities

 Operational Support for Startups

We work with start-ups from Ireland and the UK to plan their market entry strategy into the Chinese market, so that they can benefit from shorter time-to-market and enjoy full operational flexibility from day one. >> Read more about Lean China Market Entry

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