Trading Services in China

Whether exporting goods or services into China or purchasing them locally, PTL Group allows overseas companies to sell their products or services in China without the need to register a local entity.
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Your Trading Partner in China

Whether you are importing products into China or purchasing them in China, PTL Group can serve as your highly effective local trading agent. Relying on our expert knowledge and vast experience, we can help you sell your products or services in China – or export them to other markets.

Who needs trading services in China?

Trading services are highly coveted by overseas companies who do not have an entity in China, and whose China-based clients wish to purchase their products in local currency (RMB).

Since foreign exchange cross-border transactions are restricted or limited to certain local companies, PTL Group, with its several entities and bank accounts across China, can overcome foreign exchange and cross-border transfer challenges.

In addition, PTL Group assists overseas companies that sell locally manufactured products in China by serving as a trading agent “buffer” between their local clients and manufacturing suppliers.

Relying on a trusted partner like PTL Group as a trading service provider saves your company a lot of time and hassle, allowing you to focus on your core business. A trusted trading partner can coordinate all of your import and export activities, including customs records, foreign currency exchange, signing sales & purchase agreements, deliveries, and transactions.

Our service offering includes:

Sales and Distribution

  • Obtaining import and sales licenses for your products in China
  • Importing your products under the PTL Group import license
  • Signing RMB sales contracts with your Chinese clients on your behalf for your goods, services, or software
  • Serving as your consignment agent for selling your products in China
  • RMB funds collection, funds repatriation to HQ, and credit control
  • Order dispatch arrangement (warranty, loan, demo, return purposes, RMA returns)


  • Signing RMB purchasing agreements with your suppliers and RMB selling agreements with your clients in China
  • Local purchasing from your suppliers and exporting overseas
  • VAT export refund management

E-commerce solutions

  • E-commerce trading solutions
  • Managing your e-commerce financial transactions

How can trading services in China help you? Here are several scenarios and solutions:

Take control of your trading in China. Our services can help your business thrive in the Chinese market. Contact us today!