Client testimonials

PTL Group serves clients from a wide range of industries. We have extensive experience in supporting businesses that plan, develop, manufacture and distribute diverse products and services in China. We work hard to help them succeed – and are thrilled when they reach their objectives.

Our business was expanding rapidly, and we were looking to extend our influence by creating an entity in China. It was somewhat of a blind alley until we enlisted the help of PTL Group. Their team was not only extremely knowledgeable about the intricacies within the Chinese market, but also very professional indeed and held our hand every step of the way. They made what was originally something that was quite daunting, really straightforward and stress-free.
I highly recommend PTL Group to anyone looking to do business in China.”

Gavin Sterritt
Operations Manager, 528 International

I think that for companies beginning their activity in China, establishing an entity in China is very complex. The best way to do it is to work with companies like PTL Group that can provide you with the necessary infrastructure to start your activity in China without significant investment or bureaucracy.”

Dror Marom
CEO, ACS Motion Control

Our experience with PTL Group right from the beginning was that of working with professionals, both as a team and individuals, very much customer oriented, flexible and highly responsive. Through all our interactions – hiring, finance, logistics and marketing, we were impressed by their kind and professional service. For that I want to express my gratitude to each one of their team! They gave us the feeling, throughout our interaction, that we made a great choice by choosing PTL Group as the local partner on our Chinese journey."

Offer Shachar
President & CEO, Motorad

I want to thank you for all the hard work you do, it was a pleasure working with you and the entire PTL Group. You are all very professional and always ready to help and find a solution to any financial challenge we pose to you! Always with a good spirit and excellent service, I know I left Electrotherm in good hands."

Oshrat Gluzman
CPA, Electrotherm Group

Thank you PTL Group for your dedication and hard work on the Riskified account. You have certainly been a tremendous help to us through this process of setting up a business in China, and for that we are most appreciative.

Itamar Rodoy
Controller, Riskified

We began working with PTL Group during that typical moment in a start-up’s life-cycle when every available penny had to be concentrated on sales and marketing, but back office functions remained critical to building infrastructure for growth. PTL Group ran our books, tax, statutory reporting and HR/admin, and transformed their management into a well-oiled machine. PTL Group is unique in its degree of partnership with its clients and the synergy it adds."

Drew Nuland
CEO, Seema Beverages

We have been working with PTL Group for close to 5 years and have and continue to enjoy professional service and support in all matters by the dedicated PTL Group team."

Yoad Makov
MD APAC, Fyber

China is the only place where we have significant business without a company, and PTL Group provides all the services needed for Afimilk to perform its activities in China."

Yuval Rachmilevitz
CEO, Afimilk

PTL provided us with logistical support, including accounting and human resource support, that was instrumental to the success of our strategy for breaking into the Chinese market. I highly recommend PTL to any company that is interested in doing business in China."

Mike Miller
Business Development Manager, Arkal Filtration Systems

PTL Group is suitable for companies who want to start businesses in China but are not familiar with China's business environment. PTL not only has a strong financial and logistic team, but also can give their clients good strategic suggestions. Their staffs are very professional and helpful."

Frank Huang
China Sales Manager, Aspen Medical Products

For us, PTL is actually a great shortcut to get into the market. PTL Group provides us with the right consultancy and answers all our questions. This is the reason we chose PTL Group.”

Avichai Belitsky
VP MD International Sales, Inneractive

I want to thank you for your great service and amazing client experience. Your dedication to clients and the way you let each of them feel like “they are the only one” - is a model in this industry of service providers. So, for all the services, help and advice I needed and received from you - thank you so much.

Yuval Ben-Sadeh
China General Manager, Ludan / AST

PTL has wide and vast experience in the Chinese market. Regulation, human resources, management – all of these can be supportive for our activities from the starting point. We need to learn from other's experience.”

Tovi Sivan
Founder & CEO, STI Laser Industries

The insight of PTL Group in organizational matters, especially in a Chinese environment, greatly helped us in getting a better understanding of the pros and cons regarding different alternatives. We especially appreciated the quick answers to our questions, as well as the further detail and explanation regarding the company’s numbers, which the PTL Group team was always able to provide, regardless of day and time zone."

Camillo Lanza
Deputy General Manager, SIT S.p.A.

One might think that outsourcing complicated services necessary to manage an organization in China is too expensive and inefficient an excersise to make it worthwhile. However, you need to realize how difficult is to start and develop your business in a rapidly evolving environment like China, without the expert and responsive help of a partner like PTL Group.
Searching, hiring and managing people was made easy for us by the seasoned professionals of PTL Group, who also provide us with excellent office space and legal support in our transactions. Strong support, exceptional human relations, promptness and competence make PTL Group our only operational partner in China."

Alberto Corsi
CEO, Bonetti S.p.A

I would like to thank you and your team for the great support given to us in performing electronics export from China in 2014. Although we were quite concerned about the chance of having related tax refund, a significant amount is already remitted to us. PTL Group and our joint cooperation has shown fruitful results. Thank you for the great outcome."

Rami Horesh
General Manager, Hangzhou ECI Telecom China (HETC)

We at TG Ventures worked with PTL Group in China for more than 5 years. PTL Group has a solid strong experienced team; they assisted with our operation in China from day one until the day we closed our operations in China.
PTL supplied us with office space, employed our employees, dealt with our contracts, paid invoices and collected receivables. PTL Group served as our back office but most importantly was our reliable partner in the complicated Chinese market."

Haim Eliash
CEO, TG Ventures Ltd.

Since 2008, when Atlantium made our first steps in the Chinese market, we have used PTL Group’s services for infrastructure, logistics support and recruitment. Atlantium’s successful penetration into China and establishment of a profitable business is greatly due to the efficient and expert services provided by PTL Group. I am glad to take this opportunity to thank Arie and his team for their crucial help."

Itai Bransky
Asia Pacific Regional Director, Atlantium Technologies Ltd.

PTL Group are our fiscal reps and fiscal sales locally in China. Everything is done by PTL. Communication, local language, all financial dealings with the authorities, VAT refunds. Whether you have a WFOE or not, using PTL Group's services gives you much added value and can save you a lot of money.”

Eran Tamir
Chief Operating Officer, V-Gen

I would recommend PTL Group for their efficient, effective and diligent approach in completing the task entrusted, within the timeline. They are also very economical in keeping the cost parameters well within the budget.”

Rajagopalan Krishnan
CEO, AVT China

PTL is in charge of all the logistics and activity in China. We don't need to operate or do anything like we do in other places. Everything is handled by PTL and we get full service. We just ship the products and get money back after sales."

Gil Feingold
COO, Kramer Electronics

PTL’s approach to Chinese social media is more strategic and can work as sparring-partner in terms of campaign development and event promotions. I am very happy with their work and their professionalism and would highly recommend them to any international businesses that would enjoy a stable and professional support for their Chinese social media marketing."

Roy Kriezman
Manager of China & Far East Markets, Dan Hotels

All our logistics are helped and supported by PTL Group. They enable us to open the door and establish an assembly line, a mini factory for Chinese markets, so that are able to be local and produce according to high standards."

Shimshon (Sam) Zur
Asia-Pacific Sales Manager, Tuttnauer