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April 17, 2019
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At the end of 2018, Huawei had signed 5G contracts in nearly 30 countries around the world, and announced that it will launch 5G-capable mobile phones in June 2019. In February this year, Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station held the world’s first “5G Wisdom Train Station” construction inauguration ceremony. The station will cooperate with Huawei in 2019 to complete the construction of the 5G network system at the Shanghai transport hub. It is reported that China plans to achieve 5G commercialization across the whole country by 2020. The 5G system will increase the speed of passengers’ Internet access, and passengers will also be able to use intelligent robots located at the station.

The arrival of the 5G era is greatly anticipated by mobile phone users all over the world. The 5G network will be enough to disrupt existing industries and even create multiple new industry sectors, which will have a significant impact on human social interaction, communication methods and entertainment. More importantly, it will accelerate the digital transformation of society beyond many people’s imaginations.

4G mainly affected communication between people. 5G will affect communication between people and devices and also between devices themselves.

When devices can communicate “independently”, their level of intelligence will be greatly improved, and more industries will be led in the direction of digitization. For consumers, it means a new round of upgrades to peripheral electronic products, improving convenience of our lives and work. For companies in the 5G industry chain, this means new markets and new opportunities.

VR industry

The 5G network will bring us unprecedented ultra-high network speed and low latency. Virtual reality technology and holographic projection technology will usher in technological breakthroughs and application spread. In the next few years, cumbersome VR glasses will be improved, and holographic technology will be realized due to the ultra-high speed of the network. Video telephony, online learning, gaming, and live broadcasting will be more realistic, a tactile experience in a virtual environment and with real-time interaction will usher in a new wave of change.

Traditional advertising lacks new ideas and VR is a new technology that has not yet realized its full potential in this application. The arrival of 5G network brings the advantage of speed and will allow VR to bring “immersive” experiences to consumers. It can also become a way for advertisers to accurately display products and explore consumer preferences. Companies will be able to collect statistics from the systems in order to find out which campaigns are more interesting to consumers.

Ultra HD video industry

Ultra-clear video will be greatly developed with 5G networks, which is one of the main applications that major operators are interested in. At present, the Internet is mostly video traffic, and the application of high-quality video will bring large opportunities to operators.

Automobile industry

The presence of 5G will allow a vehicle’s self-driving sensors to work more efficiently, reducing the risk of driving on autopilot.

Once driverless cars become commonplace, people will no longer pay attention to roads or billboards. Billboards will therefore need to keep pace with the times, not only to deliver information, but also to collect and use data effectively. For the advertising industry, driverless cars will help grab consumers’ attention to traditional forms of advertising and further drive development of the mobile application marketing industry.

Smart home industry

The smart home system will realize the control and management of numerous devices used in the home through the transmission and collection of data. The transmission of information requires an efficient and stable network. After the arrival of the 5G era, smart homes will bring further improvements to everyday life. The news content that people browse every day will be pushed to your mobile phone on a more frequent basis. The smart home system can also monitor the internal workings of the home and read the daily data of the family. A smart family could be like an invisible personal butler that takes care of your home life all the time.

People will need to find the best online-to-offline marketing model, establish offline and online interaction, provide consumers with a systematic smart home solution, and will inevitably be welcomed by the new generation of consumer groups.

At the same time, the Internet of Things will undergo significant change: AI medical robots, vehicle electronic identification, powerful smart watches, intelligent air conditioning remote control systems, smart refrigerators, video management functions, intelligent audio and video entertainment systems, intelligent cooking control systems, and unmanned aircraft laser radar, etc. It will usher in a qualitative improvement in these applications, and such areas will be of interest to new entrepreneurs to enter.

The arrival of 5G networks will make us feel that we have entered a new era of information technology: the convenience of smart devices and the breakthroughs of the Internet of Things. As a technology platform, 5G will influence many different fields. What we need to do is create more marketing experiences that users currently are not able to imagine.

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