A Clear Vision for a Water Tech Company

June 18, 2024
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 Changing the World One Drop at a Time

This week, we were honored to participate in the rebranding launch party of Atlantium, a longstanding client in the water technology sector. With over 15 years of operation in China and approximately 900 installations nationwide, Atlantium has firmly established itself as a leader in providing HOD™ UV solutions for large-scale water treatment projects.

Commitment to Clean Water

At the heart of Atlantium’s mission is the pursuit of cleaner water globally. CEO Yariv Abramovich highlighted this commitment during the event, emphasizing how Atlantium’s technologies contribute to making the world a better place. In China, where water purification standards are increasingly stringent, Atlantium’s solutions have set benchmarks in industries ranging from heavy manufacturing to aquaculture and food & beverage production.

Honoring the A-Team for their “Pure Performance”

Rebranding provided an opportunity to recognize the contributions of Atlantium’s dedicated team and partners, affectionately known as the ‘A’ Team. Their collective efforts have been instrumental in pushing the boundaries of UV technology applications in China, ensuring Atlantium remains at the forefront of innovation and performance.

A Decade of Partnership

Reflecting on our partnership, Arie Schreier, PTL Group’s GM, shared memories of Atlantium’s early ambitions to enter the Chinese market nearly two decades ago. For more than ten years, PTL Group has been privileged to support Atlantium in navigating local complexities, from regulatory compliance to support in marketing and human resources, enabling their sustained growth and impact.

Looking Forward

Atlantium’s rebranding not only signifies a new chapter in their corporate journey but also underscores their commitment to sustainability and operational excellence. As managers and industry professionals exploring opportunities in China, Atlantium’s experience highlights the importance of strategic engagement and proactive market positioning.

Maximizing Opportunities

In today’s competitive landscape, exhibitions serve as invaluable platforms for enhancing visibility and fostering strategic partnerships. Atlantium’s journey exemplifies how proactive participation in industry events can amplify market presence and facilitate meaningful connections, essential for driving growth in China’s dynamic market environment.


Continued Collaboration

As consultants specializing in management and operational support, we continue to stand alongside Atlantium in their mission to advance water technology solutions in China. Our collective efforts underscore the importance of collaboration and innovation in addressing critical environmental challenges and meeting evolving market demands.

We are looking forward to seeing what you will do next! Congratulations, Atlantium, on your new brand, vision and many achievements.

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Exploring Client Feedback

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