AdTech – Interview with Yoad Makov, Fyber’s China Operation Manager

November 6, 2017
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The Chinese AdTech market is flourishing and develops rapidly and we are thrilled that international companies are taking an active part in it. We, at PTL Group know Yoad Mkov for about two years, since he was recruited to run the Chinese operations of the start-up company Inneractive. During this time we witnessed how with work, determination and talent, they successfully established a strong Chinese brand.

Recently, Inneractive was acquired by Fyber group and Yoad was appointed to the Group’s operations manager in China. So now, with perspective of two years, Yoad has made himself available for a short interview:


What were the main challenges and achievements in China, so far? 

Cultural barriers and products’ hurdles are our main challenges. During the last two years we focused in adapting our products line to the local market and in compiling an excellent local engineering team as well as an outstanding business team. Over our two years in China we have established a strong brand in gaming applications as well as in utility applications.


How do you get along with the operational aspects in China? How did you gain that knowledge?

For almost two years, we are using PTL Group services, particularly in operations, management, personnel recruitments, salary payments, third party providers’ payments in addition to advisory services regarding regulatory issues.


What does Fyber specialize in?

Fyber group offers several technologies that stem from both direct development and acquisitions. It connects, through technology, between app developers, media companies and advertisers. The company offers independent AdTech that provides hooping solution and platforms crossing powerful advertisement to large global audiences.  Fybers’ SSP, Ad Server, the Exchange and Mediation touch over billion active users each month.

What are your expectations from the Chinese AdTech market for the next five years?

The Chinese digital advertising market is thriving and developing rapidly for over three years and it doesn’t look like its slowing down. However, the market is evolving and becoming more crowded and more competitive. The use of programmatic solutions for commerce of mobile advertisements is rising. Both local and global networks struggle the competition. We anticipate that in 5 years, the Chinese market will be the largest in the world even if growth will decrease.


Do you have a tip to international AdTech companies that consider market entry to China?

Yes. It is important to localize both set of mind and operations. The cultural gap between China and the west is enormous. A company that wishes to succeed in China needs to discard pre-existing assumptions they hold regarding the Chinese market. In any case, they should avoid forcing on the local Chinese market their conventional modus operandi.


We wish Fyber team good luck with their continuous growth in the Chinese market.

For some more from Inneractive, as they entered the Chinese market, check this video:

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