An open conversation with the Israeli Trade officer to Shanghai

April 30, 2021
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At PTL Group, we are always trying to add value to our clients both overseas and in China.

This time, we invited the local managers of our Israeli clients who manage the activity in China to a meeting with Mr. Niv Hanan, the Israeli Economic and Trade Officer in Shanghai.

An open conversation with the Israeli Trade officer to Shanghai - China

The managers described their activity in China, shared their successes and the challenges they are facing, and raised some issues that the trade officer might be able to help with.

The trade officer, Mr. Hanan, described the purpose of his office’s activity in China, and the different options that he might be able to support the companies such as governmental support programs offered to Israeli companies in China, and invited the participant to contact him directly when needed.

It was the first time that a trade officer met with the local team of our clients, and we all realized during the meeting that companies that are operating in China for many years, could enjoy the support of the consulate much more than newcomers. As one of the participants described it “It is a lot harder to increase sales from 0 to 1 Million $ than to grow from 1 M$ to 10 M$. So, the trade office support to companies who are already operating in China and has proven market share will assist the Israeli export a lot more”.

Thank you Mr. Hanan for the open conversation. It was a pleasure.

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