Annual Retreat: Looking Back with the Face Forward

September 2, 2020
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This year, after going through so many extraordinary events, we thought it would be necessary to take some time to rest from our daily work routine. We believed it would be important to reflect on the first half of 2020 and plan ahead for the rest of the year.

Our teams in Shanghai and Beijing have spent a day outside the office, and used this time for bonding, team building, deepening engagement, and acquaintance with their co-workers.

Team building & getting ready for future crises

Apart from the “fun” activities, we conducted an in-depth workshop, dedicated specifically to analyzing our operations during COVID-19, while all of our employees were working from home virtually and digitally. Despite technical obstacles inherent in remote work and the need to find solutions in real-time, our team members have never stopped providing our clients with all the necessary services for doing business in China.

During the seminar the members had the opportunity to discuss thoroughly the ongoing operations; acknowledge what worked well; and to suggest how to improve and get better prepared for any similar future crises.

Some of the ideas were incredibly useful and are about to be implemented in the following weeks by the new “emergency team” (which was one of the ideas we came up with).

As the happy faces in the pictures tell, some elements were not included in the retreat:

  • Masks
  • Social distancing
  • Personal plates and chopsticks

Our employees are now back in the office, re-energized and motivated to provide you with the best service possible.


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