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January 9, 2020
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Manufacture IN China FOR China - PTL Group

Are you facing problems with exporting to China? Import barriers? Are you considering participating in Chinese tenders? Or manufacturing for the big Asian clients?

If so, the Industrial Incubator is a solution you should be aware of.

In recent years, we have witnessed increased interest from international companies in the Chinese market, and even now, despite the trade wars and perhaps precisely because of them – manufacturing and assembly in a local Chinese facility offers great advantages in facilitating sales in the Chinese market.

Setting up a factory in China enables companies to get closer to the Chinese market, to adapt quickly to the needs and desires of their Chinese consumers and to improve control measures in the process.

Which companies is the Industrial Incubator for?

The industrial incubator provides an exceptional opportunity, both for companies who are seeking to enter the Chinese market, and for businesses already operating in China, who wish to enhance their output.

Are you an:

  • International SMEs exporting to China, and are constantly hindered due to different import barriers (such as customs and entry licenses)
  • International SMEs already manufacturing in China, but are aspiring to expand and grow within the Chinese market
  • Assembly companies willing to establish their logistic center in China
  • International companies interested in participating in public Chinese tenders

What are the advantages?

If you have ever found yourself struggling with these issues, PTL Group’s industrial incubator will make your life easier by offering a wide range of advantages that you can benefit from.

  • The Industrial Incubator provides the basis for an independent production and assembly in China, without the need for high initial investment. By utilizing the incubator’s manufacturing and assembly areas, you are able to start a small-scale production unit with the capability to grow gradually and in line with your China sales cycles.
  • As an incubator company, you will become more accessible to the Chinese market, get an opportunity to enlarge your costumers’ base, and develop your network in Asia.
  • The incubator can save you money by completing a product’s assembly. Instead of transporting different product’s components bought in China to another location, you are able to use the incubator infrastructure as an assembly factory for the final product. In addition, in this semi logistic center you will receive help with efficient and economical distribution and shipping management.
  • Joining the incubator advances your chances and priority in public Chinese tenders and procurement auctions, as a “made in China” subsidiary.
  • It reduces dramatically the risks of leaking technology/manufacturing secrets and of being copycatted. By bypassing any local manufacturing partners, we insure autonomy and security in your production processes.
  • Once you have established a production line in PTL Group’s incubator, you can enjoy a variety of available services related to all aspects of manufacturing and marketing in China (e.g engineering and logistics, financial services, human resources management etc.), as well as free advice and guidance from the professional, experienced and skilled incubator team.

This unique facility will ease your doubts and uncertainties, and will provide you with all the support any foreign manufacturer in China needs.

The international companies already operating in the incubator, hail from a diverse range of sectors and manufacturing requirements; from medical equipment, to coffee machines, fiber and automotive industries.

Interested in seeing the incubator? Contact us and we will be happy to host you on your next visit to China.

Join manufacturing companies planning their first steps in the Chinese market, and set up a manufacturing or an assembly line in the incubator. You will benefit from professional guidance, a significant reduction in initial investments, decrease risks and shorten your time to market.

Read more about manufacturing and assembly in China, or contact us. We would love to assist.

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