Partnering & Networking in Shanghai – Even Now!

September 25, 2020
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After a long time spent apart, quarantining and social distancing, we were extremely excited to be able to re-gather in PTL Group’s Shanghai HQ and host our 7th Partners’ Networking Event.


Short background

Since its inception in 2000, PTL Group has steadily expanded its network of service providers and partners. Several years ago and in light of this rapidly growing pool of contacts, we began facilitating connections between executives and service providers with the aim of providing value and China business support to the international companies in our circles who were doing business in China. The partners’ network was initially built as a WeChat group and later the physical meetings were born too. This allowed a variety of service providers and experts to share the knowledge and insights they have accumulated over years of operating in China, and to contribute to a shared forum from their perspective and area of expertise.

2020 model

Precisely against the backdrop of the coronavirus, the meeting gained newfound importance. The need to cultivate the business community was felt throughout the crisis, and indeed, many appreciated the opportunity and attended the physical meeting. Dozens of service providers attended; made contacts; exchanged information; referrals, and even struck up some deals.

The contents

Stephane Wilmet, Loreal China’s Chief Consumer Officer, gave a fascinating presentation on consumer behavior in China and consumption trends that have been accelerated as a result of the corona outbreak.

Zach Lichtblau, a partner at the law firm Bonnard Lawson in Shanghai, reviewed the new and controversial Chinese Foreign Investment Law. He explained the motives behind the law, what has changed, the implications for foreign companies in China, and outlined some remaining questions yet to be answered.

Lastly, Yael Einav, YChina’s General Manager, moderated a panel discussion and a Q&A session.

PTL Group’s General Manager, Arie Schreier, addressed the major challenges currently faced by foreign companies in China, and presented an operational model for reducing expenditures in times of crisis, accompanied by a case study of an American company.


We’d like to thank all the event’s participants. We were glad to re-meet once again, exchange information and add new members to our partners’ network in Shanghai.

Stay informed in our future events and join our WeChat partners network’s group by sending us your WeChat ID.

Partnering & Networking in Shanghai – Even Now!

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