Summarizing 20 Years of Activity and Recapping on the Corona Crisis

June 23, 2020
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Our Annual China Business Club Meeting

Summarizing 20 Years of Activity
and Recapping on the Corona Crisis


The China Business Club tradition continued this year, despite the corona challenges. Since its establishment, China Business Club gives PTL Group’s clients and their employees an opportunity to get up-to-date about recent trends and reforms in China, and learn about practical strategies to streamline operations. For us skipping the annual meeting because of ongoing epidemic was never an option and there was a lot on the agenda:

Clients event – offline version

All of our clients’ Chinese staff were invited to the meeting, which was held in our new Shanghai office. The main goal was to increase connections between the employees and PTL Group’s staff and allow the operation managers to share impressions and observations since the corona outbreak.

Indeed, all agreed that the continuous contact with PTL Group’s team eased employees’ concerns so they could persist in their work even during the difficult time of uncertainty.

The atmosphere was extremely positive. All participants shook hands and sat together without social distancing and without masks.

China Business Club – online version

Facing the new circumstances, we’ve decided to take advantage of the situation. This year, for the first time, the meeting was held online, what allowed our staff in China and worldwide clients to participate.

Also, our dedicated clients, Israeli companies conducting business in China, were joined by a broader audience. This year we opened some parts of the event to the general public, giving other China-enthusiasts a chance to learn about the current situation in the Chinese market and how to operate in it.

China operations in 2020 & post-corona updates

The event started with a closed meeting for clients only.

Arie Schreier, General Manager of PTL Group, reviewed the latest changes in China since the coronavirus outbreak. He described the significant financial damage to the economy in Q1 and the rebound in Q2. His arguments were supported by statistical data from a variety of surveys.

Arie also presented what PTL Group’s teams have done for its clients behind the scenes (in terms of customer service; supporting the personnel we employ in China on behalf of our clients, logistical support; and ongoing care in claiming governmental benefits for our clients).

Arie summarized his remarks with a number of lessons learned during the crisis and suggested a practical strategy to maintain the stability of China’s operations under the existing circumstances.



PTL Group celebrates 20th anniversary

Zvi Shalgo, PTL Group’s founder and chairman, depicted milestones in the company’s establishment and growth in China. In his presentation, Zvi introduced the wide variety of services provided by the company; the impressive growth in its client base throughout the years; and additional data on projects the company has successfully completed during its twenty years of operations in China.

PTL Group’s clients per industry 2000-2020

Experts panel – operating in China’s post-corona “new normal”

4 Israeli managers shared their experiences in China and talked about the challenges, consequences and opportunities invoked by the corona crisis.

  • Yoad Makov, Managing Director APAC at Fyber, discussed the challenges, as well as the benefits in telecommunication management. He explained how an organized daily routine and keeping in touch with Chinese employees created a high level of engagement with their team in China.
  • Eran Navon, Regional Director APAC at GeoEdge, noted that the crisis triggered the need for efficiency and, despite the slowdown in some industries, created a horizon for growth. Therefore, together with the government’s push and incentives, the opportunities for entrepreneurs are now extraordinary.
  • Avner Ben-Bassat, President & CEO at Plataine, addressed the issue of China’s rapid recovery and its importance in the global production chain. He emphasized that the Chinese market is still seen as an important business destination on which the world depends. He added that Platain’s China company registration plan and the intention to further invest in the Chinese market are still valid, so the crises didn’t change their expansion plans.
  • Yoav Sade, Partner at Meitar Law Office reassured that the hi-tech industry is still alive and kicking. He also addressed the trade war with the United States, explaining that despite the mutual concerns of foreign tech companies and Chinese companies, the Corona crisis has boosted the need for advanced technologies.

We’d like to thank all speakers, partners, clients, and friends for joining us this year, and we wish us all another 20 years of prosperous operation in the Chinese market.

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