What Startups Need to Know about China Market Entry

November 23, 2020
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When a start-up company decides to enter the Chinese market, it must create a detailed entry strategy. Given China’s sheer size, complexity and special characteristics, careful preparation cannot be overlooked. 

Where to begin

In order to minimize risks and maximize chances for success, your start-up should aspire to:

Shorten time-to-market

A quick and effective setup reduces copycat risk, creates a competitive advantage, and saves costs. Also, demonstration of feasibility and a fast penetration rate will come in handy in future investment rounds.

Embrace local knowledge

Business functions in China operate better when relying on local knowledge, infrastructures and support. This includes hiring a local sales team, nurturing business relationships with third parties, obtaining licenses, financial planning, regulatory compliance and ongoing management.

Maintain maximum operational flexibility

No matter how structured your plan is, it should be re-examined after the first year of operation. You will often need to redefine strategies and make tactical adjustments based on feedback from the field, the company’s growth rate, geopolitical market changes and other dynamic circumstances.

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PTL Group is such a company. For more than 20 years we are providing managerial and operational support for international companies throughout their market entry and growth stages in China.

This is how we can help you to enter the Chinese market

PTL Group’s operational support for startups includes 3 different business models the startup that enters the Chinese market can choose from. That is in order to ensure each case is being treated in the way that fits it the most:

  • China business set up
  • Sales Incubator model
  • Manufacturing incubator

By utilizing PTL Group’s local knowledge and infrastructures, alongside a gradual and attentive approach, a startup can boost the potential of a smooth China market entry.

A case study – Asia Pacific Market Entry

GeoEdge is a startup company operating in the ad tech industry. In 2017 the company identified a rapid growth in the digital advertising sector and decided to use the momentum and address previously untapped opportunities.

>> Read more about GeoEdge’s success story in China.

As GeoEdge’s story proves, entering the Chinese market with an experienced operational company as your strategic partner makes all the difference.

The significant benefits of having effective management from day one and operational flexibility, while reducing costs and time-to-market, are crucial.

GeoEdge is just one of our dozens of satisfied clients. Their common denominators: a true commitment to the process and using PTL Group’s operational support for startups.

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