Mixing Business with Pleasure – 7 Podcasts for people interested in China

August 8, 2022
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Anyone who works with China knows how hard it is to find reliable and up-to-date content to stay updated and knowledgeable about current Chinese news and affairs. Sometimes reading or watching news isn’t the best option, especially after a long day of looking at a screen, so why not listen instead? Podcasts are a great source of knowledge, without the need to read or watch, just to listen.

But even though podcasts are great, the real challenge is identifying which podcasts are worth listening to and are relevant. To help with this, we have made a list of seven interesting podcasts about China. In this list you will find a variety of podcasts, in a variety of subjects. From doing business in China, to foreign relations and general knowledge, here are our 7 recommended China related podcasts:



“The Sinica Podcast”

The longest-lasting podcast on this list has been running since 2010. From the creator of SupChina – an American news and information agency covering China’s affairs, this weekly podcast hosted by Kaiser Kuo and Jeremy Goldkorn, provides a stage and voice for journalists, writers, academics, politicians, and business people from all over the world. Together they discuss the most relevant issues related to contemporary China – economics, technology, international relations, politics, society, and many more. Link to the podcast >>>

China Global

If you are a more strategic person and are interested in keeping up with the current agenda of the Chinese government than the China Global podcast is for you. Every other week Bonnie Glaser hosts an international expert from her home in Washington, D.C. these experts discuss many aspects of China’s foreign policy, China’s current goals, and the tactics they choose to use to get them, and how these tactics affect the rest of the world. Aside from hosting the podcast, Glaser manages the German Marshall Fund’s Asian Program, which promotes collaborations between American and European companies in China in APAC. Link to podcast >>>

China in The World

Podcast Host Paul Haenle has a deep understanding of China and Chinese politics and current culture. In fact, During the presidency of Barack Obama and George W. Bush, Haenle acted as The white house’s “China director of the National Security Council” and currently serves as the director of the Carnegie Endowment think tank for International Peace. In his podcast, Haenle interviews many worldwide experts and government officials to talk about China’s global role, foreign policy, and relations with the world. The podcast has been airing since 2016 and, and until now, has broadcasted close to 180 episodes. Link to podcast >>>  
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Jordan Schneider, a Yale University graduate and a post-graduate degree from Peking University. Currently, Schneider is a Chinese technology analyst at the research and data company “Rhodium Group”. During his weekly meetings with analysts, businesspeople, journalists, and academics, they talk about China’s technology, economics, and politics and record it, giving us an inside view of a busy workweek. This is an excellent source of information for those interested in an in-depth analysis and relevant knowledge about China and understand the outline of doing business in China. Link to podcast >>>



The China Jedi Podcast

On the lighter side, this podcast can appeal to anyone interested in China. Podcast hosts and guests humorously relate to the ups and downs of life in China, including quizzes and trivia. This podcast is a series of six different programs, each dealing with slightly different aspects and areas of expertise that experienced foreigners have after living in China. The motto of the podcast: May the smile be with you. Link to podcast >>>

Mosaic of China Podcast

Podcast host Oscar Fox has been living in Shanghai for about six years. Before moving to China, Fox, a British citizen, has lived in many countries around the world, including Germany, Japan, and Singapore. As someone who sees himself as a “people person” and that enjoys learning about those around him, Fox devotes his podcast to the human mosaic that makes up the international community in China. Every week, he interviews foreigners in living and working in China, and brings us great content about current art, and science, and even understanding the questions one will ask if they would like to start a business in China and move there. They share surprising and unusual stories about life in the country with their listeners. Link to podcast >>> 

Talk Chineasy

But how about learning Chinese? Founded by Taiwanese entrepreneur ShaoLan Hsue, this podcast is an original and fun way to teach children Chinese. ShaoLan thought of this method while living in London and was worried that her children would not understand Chinese.

The podcast includes seven-minute daily lessons, focusing on one Chinese word. Each lesson explains the meaning of the word, its radicals, and how to use it in everyday language. Also, every day, ShaoLan is joined by a guest connected to the chosen word’s meaning – the guest vary from CEOs and professors to scientists and artists. Link to the podcast >>> 

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