Supply Chain Management: Much more than Import & Export. Interview with PTL Group Logistic Manager – Chris Pan

March 9, 2017
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Chris Pan leads the logistic team at PTL Group, delivering profitable integrated supply chain management solutions, for over 12-years. This post is based on a conversation with her. We discussed the differences between types of logistic providers as well as International client’s needs at a logistic monthly report. Chris kindly shares several logistics tips you shouldn’t miss.

Chris Pan, Supply Chain Director at PTL Group

“Fourth Party Logistics Provider” vs. “Third Party Logistics Provider”

Fourth-Party Logistics (4PL) Provider manages the organization’s resources, capabilities and technologies and those resources of other relevant organizations in order to design, build, and run comprehensive supply chain solutions, at a managerial level.  A Third Party Logistics (3PL) provider focuses on a function – a component of a process – at a managerial level or at the line level.

We at PTL Group, serve our clients as their China fulfillment agent and offer 4PL services for their entire supply chain. Our broad expertise includes: from sales forecast, cash flow planning at the HQ, import/export, safe storage and safe distribution, etc. We consult CEOs, CFOs, COO and other c-level staff, in order to design and execute tailor-made solutions that would best serve the clients’ business strategy.

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PTL Group vs other 4PL providers

Two major concepts distinguish PTL Group services from other 4PL providers. On one hand, we facilitate a transparent work plan between the clients’ main offices and their Chinese branch and suppliers. On the other hand, we maintain hands-on relation with the clients’ Chinese operation branch by providing, among others, supervision/monitoring services as needed, import/export proficiency of the Chinese market and storage solutions.

For example: an international manufacturer of electronic products starts working at the Chinese market. By choosing PTL Group as its 4PL provider the company utilize PTL Group’s expertise and facilities. PTL Group offers a warehouse in Shanghai for storage of imported goods; PTL Group facilitates and implements an efficient typical workflow between the client’s main office and its Chinese branch a well as third party suppliers and others. PTL Group could also consult and supervise the Chinese branch’s sales team and support them in setting a quarterly sales forecast alongside a quarterly import plan. Those enable to company to improve production plans, financial plans and cash flow and overall future predictions and planning.

Offering those services contributes to an efficient implementation of the company’s strategic plan and ensures process control.

Utilizing PTL Group’s monthly report

Clients that use PTL Group services can follow their Chinese branch operations by utilizing PTL Group’s Clients Monthly Report to monitor:

  • Current safety stock
  • Monthly sales report
  • Serial numbers of sold products
  • Distribution report.

Logistics Tips

  1. Confirm that your entire logistics process is transparent – from manufacturing to the final consumer.
  2. Make sure you control all the element of your logistics process – know who is in charge of each section. Get to know your subcontractors and let them know you so you could rely on them.
  3. China has unique customs rules. An appropriate HS code categorization is extremely important when importing goods to China – It saves time.
  4. VAT refund: Between 70% and 100% of Import VAT can be refunded. Between 50% and 80% of Export VAT can be refunded depending on the type of products exported.

When you need logistic solutions for complex challenges in China, you can count on PTL Group to deliver. From warehouses and logistic centers for importation & exportation to tax planning and tax rebates, we’ve got your needs covered.

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