Labor Force Management

Last updated: Aug 2020
The HR Regulations Guide for Foreign Companies in China


Regulations in China change relatively frequently. For the most up-to-date regulations, please check in with us.

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    China has many labor laws and labor rights, which are enforced by the government. The general national labor laws are periodically adjusted by the Chinese government, and are complemented by long lists of provincial laws and supplementary regulations. Companies operating in China can easily get confused and make honest mistakes – which they will have to account for. The Chinese government implements a strict policy regarding foreign companies employing local manpower. As the number of foreign companies that find themselves complicit in legal troubles rises, we cannot stress enough how important it is to pay special attention to employment regulations.

    PTL Group’s vast expertise includes employment services in China. We want to share our important knowledge with you. The following article discusses labor force management.

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    Labor Force Management

    The importance of a manager

    For thousands of years, China has been governed by a central “top-down” leader. The importance and centrality of the manager in China is not only the result of historical processes, but also a cultural philosophy. For that reason, Chinese employees seek a single, powerful, authoritative and responsible manager, whom they can look up to. They might even feel uncomfortable in his or her absence.

    As part of the status prestige, workers will not challenge the manager’s authority; will not doubt his or her decisions; will not undermine him or her; and will show respect and submission. When a manager is caught in a moment of weakness (i.e. looks hesitant or says “I don’t know”), he or she immediately “loses face”.

    This culture is of particular importance when it comes to HR management. HR managers are expected to act as leaders with authority. Employees expect their HR manager to provide them with information, to inspire composure and set the tone throughout unexpected events or unusual times.

    Therefore, the HR team should be present and active for the employees. They should be able to craft and carry out strategic plans, while orchestrating stable and efficient business operations under a wide variety of circumstances.

    Regulations in China change relatively frequently. For the most up-to-date regulations, please check in with us.