Recruitment Seasons

Last updated: Jan 2023
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Recruitment Seasons

When is the Best Time to Hire?

In China, it is customary to divide the recruitment seasons into two:

  1. The “hot” recruiting season is the spring. Between March and April, the market is already back to its normal routine after Chinese New Year’s holiday. Employees have been given their annual bonus and are now ready to find a better job or improve their position.
  2. The hardest season for recruitment in China is the winter, between December and February. This is the period before Chinese New Year and before the annual bonus is given, so employees prefer to wait until “after the holidays”. However, this is a perfect time to start the recruitment process, as many employees have already started to search for new challenges. An initial contact with a prospective employee in December, interviews in January and a 30-day notice to the employer, during which the employee receives the annual bonus, will allow him or her to join the new workplace in March-April.

Last updated: July 2022

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