The Right Time to Set Up a WFOE

Last updated: Feb 2021
Regulations Guide to WFOE Establishment, Registration & Liquidation

Setting up a WFOE in China can be beneficial, but it isn’t always necessary. The following section discusses the different scenarios that may lead to a decision to set up a WFOE.

PTL Group specializes in company registration in China. We make sure that China company registration is done right, because doing so will help us focus on the real goal: long-term WFOE management. To help our clients, we provide extensive operational support for registered entities. This is where our knowledge and expertise really make a difference.

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The Right Time to Set Up a WFOE

You do not need a WFOE to:

  • Employ local employees
  • Employ foreigners and obtain visas and work permits
  • Sign a contract or obtain office space
  • Manage HR: salaries, social benefits, expenses, etc.
  • Manage finance flow
  • Import products into China
  • Claim an import VAT refund
  • Store products in a warehouse or logistics center
  • Sell products and issue RMB VAT invoices (Chinese: Fapiao)
  • Set up a Chinese website
  • Register a WeChat account
  • Set up an E-commerce store

Setting up a WFOE in China: The when & why

  • Stable market & income
  • You employ several loyal employees that have proven themselves professionally
  • Your business activity requires you to present your own license
  • Your products require a complicated license
  • You want to set up an E-commerce structure that requires you to own an ICP

Last updated: February 2021

Regulations in China change frequently, but you don’t have to go there all alone. Get in touch today and let us support your China operations.